Rune Smith

The Runesmith Prestige Class (5 Level Max)

History – The tinkerers of magic, Runesmiths use the power of symbols to channel their magic. They weave magic even more precisely and intricately than the Magi are capable of doing, producing powerful, long-lasting magics that can even permanently enchant the otherwise mundane. Those that possess the talent are revered teachers and leaders among their race… Some are elevated to prestigious holy men and high levels!

Level 1
- Rune Maker – At begining of every session(or any time within safe location!), the hero may create 1 lesser rune at level 1, 1 mediocre rune or less at level 3, and 1 greater rune or less at level 5… These are made at no cost to experience, but it still costs gold. (Your just that good!)
- Expert Runesmith Feat – You are granted the expert feat regardless of skill. (If you posess this feat you may choose any other feat of appropriate level!)

Level 3
- Rune Forger – An item has 2x the number of rune spots for you to craft on, but the extra runes cost 2x as much gold. (Though you must also craft both runes!). The rules for each rune must be observed! (Metal and stone contain my work, but not my talent!!!)

Level 5
- Runic Master- No time or experience is required to craft any rune… Just mithril!!! (Their are no limits to those who craft!!!)

*Note-Level always refers to “Prestige Level”

Rune Smith

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