This page is to list the known masters and the perks they give as the list is getting too long to remeber nd our notes are getting too full to search quickly.

Yellow hood

The man with the yellow hood is stuck in the Moon Elf nation with hhis daughter. he wants to leave but needs help to keep his daughter safe. He can only be taken as a master 5 times.
1 level master

Level Test Perks
1 Fight him in hand to hand combat unarmed strike
+1 strenght /lvl
once he has been taken 5 times your unarmed attacks are those of a monk of your level


Camwoo is a master herald found in the desert just outside of Gelely.
2 Level Master

Level Test Perks
1 Do a simple favor for him +1 to charisma /lvl
2 kill 20 small scorpions or 2 large ones unlocks Herald prestige class
continuous 5 restist poison


Algadhor is a master pack rat. He lives with the other Dwarves at Castello Bergia but will be moving with the rest of them soon.
2 level master

Level Test Perks
1 strike one enemy with 6 different weapons in one combat
1 extra point of encumbrance /lvl
continuous extra free action every round
2 carry 100,000 coins and show him coins weigh nothing
Armour becomes 1 class lighter and giving it +2 to max dex and -2 to armour check /lvl

Bane Hovel

Bane Hovel is a War Master. He is son of the Drawven Lord of the Castello Eneltre. He test outsiders to see if they are worthy of an audiance with his father.

Level Test Perks
1 Beat him in combat. Grants weapon focus and weapon specialization
2 Use someone else’s weapons in a boss fight. Grants war master prestige class, proficient in all weapons, strike with all weapons as though they were your best.


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