Mayor Strifewind

Deceased? Mayor of the Town of Westerly Winds


Home – Town of Westerly Winds
Race – Dwarf
Age – ???
Height – 4’-3"
Alignment – Lawful Evil

He is said to have dressed only in the finest clothing and garmets. He wore an incredible set of jewelry set with rubies, saphires, and emeralds. He was only ever seen armed with a crossbow for hunting and a pair of specially made dueling blades.

Level – (?)
HP – ?
Ac – ???
Dr – None
For/Ref/Will – (15/8/10)
Strength – 12 (1)
Dexterity – 9 (-1)
Constitution – 17 (3)
Inteligence – 17 (3)
Wisdom – 12 (1)
Charisma – 16 (3)

Skills – He is a dwarven beuracrat with skill sets to match… It is said he has a understanding of magic and technology as well, but rarely speaks of it. He was considered to be an obsessive individual with little care for other people’s problems.


He was one of the oldest inhabitants of the Town of Westerly Winds and definetely the wealthiest. Over one hundred years ago he “bought” his position as mayor in town and although he does not care for those that live there he brought a great deal of work and revenue to the area. Though he has been challenged for the position as mayor many times in the past he has yet to lose to anoyone mostly due in part to his vast amounts of wealth.

Although he has indicated he has a wife and child, no one has ever seen or heard from them… His mansion is also a mystery as no one from town ever remembers it being built and there are no records indicating when it was constructed. The Castello Assosi is quite a mystery!

Mayor Strifewind

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