Lilalac Black

Enslaved Black Draconian


Home – City of Arcanna
Race – Draconian
Age – 57
Height – 5’-11"
Alignment – Lawful Evil

She has black eyes that hide a sly personality behind them. She fights in tight leather armour which barely protects… Her greatest asset is her speed and agility which she uses to deadly effect. Her scales are glossy, but very small almost appearing as skin from a distance. She is sultry and very suggestive in every way. She fights from a distance with a (poisoned) crossbow. She is also very stealthy and it is difficult to track her in combat as she flies with nearly no sound. She is adorned with markings over her body symbolizing some affiliation with the draconic community, but could be simply decorative.

CR – 7
Class – 3 Fighter/3 Assassin/1 Scout
HP – 48
Ac – 22
Dr – 5 (1 DR to “Tight” Leather Armour)
For/Ref/Will – (7/6/3)
Strength – 11 (1)
Dexterity – 23 (6)
Constitution – 11 (0)
Inteligence – 16 (3)
Wisdom – 11 (0)
Charisma – 17 (3)


Her skills seem to be based stealth, subterfuge, seduction, and “Ahem”!

Follower Benefits

Crossbow Attack- Free action – Make standard attack with melee weapon. A hit deals 1D6+4 physical damage.
Backstab -Free Action – Once per combat she may backstab. Inflicts 3D6+4 physical damage.
Invisible/Toughness – Due to her own desires, she will not leave until hero falls to 0.
Bronze vs. Black – On any day their is a 50% chance Lilalac is with you, otherwise Samantha is with you… Vicious fighting… Every guys dream?!?


She is a slave for the Hopping Rabbit with Lady Gudiver as her owner. She is one of the best dancers at the Inn and has one of the strangest cliental. Still she has mastered her movements and body to allure even the most squeamish of the opposite sex of any race.

She claims to have been captured at an early age while serving the Draconian lords. She feels this was the best event that could have occured to her as she believes she would most likely be dead if she had become a scout within the army. A fate she says is quite common for females of her kind.

Though she seems to be a minx flirting with every creature within 20 feet of her she does not seem to have another vice. She accepts battle readily (almost too readily!) and fights with hit and run tactics that border on dishonorable. She never lands during combat and NEVER starts a battle without hiding UNLESS she doesn’t plan to fight…

She is the kinda girl that will get on a table to start a party and always enjoys going to an Inn to have fun… A bad bad party girl and that’s the way she likes it…

She states she likes the her partners in the following order, but LIKES ALL these traits. She has several of HER quotes to go with them…

Draconian/Dragonborn (Well what can I say… I’m traditional!)
Bold/Daring/Heroic (I like my men strong like my tea!)
Goody-To-Shoes (They are fun to mess with!)
Halflings (Cause they know how to have fun!)
Any Halves (Cause they mix it up!)
Any Orcs (Cause they’re green! I like green!)
Humans (Each one is SO different!)
Elves (I like the ears!)
Male (Well, Doi!)
Female (Ok, but only cause you asked!)
Gnome (Not sure why… I just do…)

Update Awe 1 Seed 6 Day 2
Tyberious Wrex has bought her freedom from Lady Gudiver in an attempt to free her of her bondage. However, Tyberious Wrex did not realize that according to law all slave MUST pay there debts to their owners in order to gain there freedom and no debts can be relinquished without payment. She now fights with Tyberious Wrex to gain her freedom, but she shows her appreciation in more ways than combat as the young paladin is discovering. Can the young paladin keep his morale compass facing North or will she turn him slightly from right and nobility.

Update Awe 2 Seed 8 Day 3
Tyberious Wrex has gained the attention of another female Dragonborn named Samantha Bronze and is overtly against her, plotting, disabling, and thwarting her good nature through ANY means necessary. They often begin arguments with one another as soon as they see each other and will often put the poor paladin in awkward and compromising positions to forward their own agendas.

Tyberious Wrex will have to work hard to keep these two from disrupting the tasks at hand…

Lilalac Black

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