Ereshiki Manafold

Sphinx Ruler of Geley


Home – City of Geley
Race – Female Elf Sphinx
Age – N/A
Height – 5’-9"
Alignment – Chaotic Good

Ereshiki almost always appears as a highly attractive Elf. She never speaks openly or plainly and is always intrigued by those who can understand her nature. She dresses in beautiful adornments in gold and silver and always wears a hood to hide herself. She is enigmatic and very powerful, but many worry her whimsical nature may endanger the city. As of yet… That hasn’t been an issue.

CR – 19
Class – 19 Levels (3 Fighter/3 Thief/4 Bard/3 Sorcerer/3 Cleric/3 Ranger)
HP – 361
Ac – 29
Dr – 19
For/Ref/Will – (19/19/19)
Strength – 19 (4)
Dexterity – 19 (4)
Constitution – 19 (4)
Intelligence – 19 (4)
Wisdom – 19 (4)
Charisma – 19 (4)


Her skills in the arcane and magical talents are obvious… But other skills seem a bit… strange… It does not appear she is skilled in anything… Or perhaps she is equally skilled in everything as she completes her tasks with time to spare…


Ereshiki spends much of her time wandering the city as an Elf often without protection when she can escape or avoid her personal guard. In fact, her guard often disobeys her cryptic commands to make sure she is safeguarded from those that might wish her harm.

As one of the fewest known living sphinx left in the world, she is treated as a divine instrument of the gods to which Ereshiki herself does not dispute. However, her cryptic riddles and poems often leave others questioning if she is at all sane, wise, or even intelligent. Seers, oracles, and holy men often venture great distances to speak with her despite her reputation to befuddle even the wisest.

When transformed into an Elf she bears tattoos depicting arcane script and magic writing. None understand them and those that have asked about them only receive cryptic whispers of future events. Some believe she holds the answers of anyone’s future or past should they be able to read the writing… Some also wonder whether she sees anyone for who they are or what they will become…

Only Ereshiki herself may know for sure… If such a certainty could exist within such a creature…

Ereshiki Manafold

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