The Golden Empire

Tuesday June 12th, 2012

The Vanguard continued to survey the center of the volcano after defeating the Magmen Content Not Found: the-outsider_ had summoned to try and stop the ritual that saved the City of Arcanna. They returned to the Salamander they had dubbed _Content Not Found: vulkan and had their weapons and arms repaired.

Content Not Found: vulkan_ picked up ten mithril bars and pointed at a painting with a blazing effigy and a golden crown. The painting bore the title of Fire King Anon and _Content Not Found: vulkan touched the crown on the painting and clenched the bars of mithril in a fist.

The party traveled deep into the mountain and came to a room filled with Magmen and the Fire King Agnon. The effigy had the torso of a man, but fire where his legs were. He was dressed in loose clothing which did not burn despite the heat. He also wore an assortment of jewelry which almost appeared gaudy, but id much to show his wealth. The Fire King challenged the heroes with a single one on one challenge if they dared to face him or they could fight him and his minions. Petr Roy accepted his challenge and wagered a magical tome against the Fire King’s crown.

Petr Roy was defeated rather quickly by the Fire King’s powerful attacks and magical defenses which left Petr Roy no chance to harm the creature. Petr Roy asked the Fire King if there was another way to secure some treasure from the haughty king. The Fire King responded, I will give a jewel from my personal store of treasure to each of you or Petr’s book for the delivery of a letter to the dwarves. I also generously extend that payment if you choose to destroy all of the unwholesome kin in the heated tunnels below my lair.

The huge Fire King grinned, I also harbor great ill will a group of mind flayers nearby in the crystal caves. Destroy them and I will graciously offer you each a small request of my power.

The vanguard agreed to look into each of the tasks and continued fourth to fight several groups of Magmen which inflicted grievous injuries to their arms and armour. The party was forced to withdraw from the inner levels of the mountain once again…

These Vanguard have seen light and dark powers of our world, but what of the powers that harbor neither interest? Would they seek to aid creatures with only self interest in mind… For coin? Is the path of a mercenary the only path these heroes will accept? Is there more to these treasure hunters than a mere coin will tell… We will see… In time… Mwhahahahahahahaha….

From the Requiem of
The Outsider…



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