The Golden Empire

Saturday November 19th, 2011

The party remained at the Town of Adham within the Warlock’s Purse. The party questioned whether dealing with its owner Galindor Evermask was a wise choice, but it seemed a necessity with the problems the city has been having. Although the party was forced to remain in the area as the path to the east was still blocked, there was still a great deal to be done before the pass was clear in less than two months time.

Tyberious Wrex assisted the victims of the goblin siege with Town of Adham. He provided them some supplies and helped with all the skills he possessed, but so many had been devastated by the goblin attacks. Tyberious Wrex offered a stipend of a 5 silver to a large group of refugees allowing them to be less dependent upon the three guild house’s mercy.

Petr Roy sought advancement from his new mentor Riffolk Scofflaw and was tasked with defeating a Bugbear in unarmed combat. He indicated this was a test of strength, but many within the party wondered if spells would disqualify him.

Buptoz spoke to one of the new patrons at the Warlock’s Purse, the larger man was a mountaineer named Joseph who was supposed to bring clients through the mountains. His clients however did not show up and he sat at his table drinking and muttering about being “cheated.” {Who could these clients be?}

Chris Vlchek went to deliver the news of Lieutenant Rite’s death to his widow. After consoling the widow Rite for a time Chris learned that her late husband’s task was to parlay with the Orks. He was transporting an important package which was to be a peace offering to the Orks. The widow offered Chris Vlchek her husband’s family sword Rite Blade if he was able to bring the murderer of her husband to justice.

Augustus Sunborne returned to the temple to assure the holy relic had not been taken from its rightful place. He moved the holy chalice to the church’s vault in hopes the chalice would be protected from those that would misuse it. He believes the Red Fists are behind the raids in the area and suggests to the party they may be the ones behind the theft of the relics as well.

Petr Roy also met an interesting new traveler at the Warlocks Purse named Tzar Everwind. He wears the garb of a grey wizard and states he has traveled for hundreds of years. He spoke of a great war between two elven nations, the Order of the Silver Pearl and Pharlip’s home the Order of the Shining Star. He also stated a great war between the followers of Bahamut and the Draconian of Tiamat is being fought. He said that both societies wished to eliminate all the other races through different means. Tiamat seeks to destroy all races through warfare by transmuting dragons into a lesser race of dragons known as Draconian, while Bahamut seeks to eliminate all other races by transmuting them into Dragon-Born. Tzar Everwind also let Petr Roy know that to get to the Golden Empire we would need to cross the “Edge Mountains”, then the “Blazing Desert”, the elven kingdoms, the orkish tribes, the land of the “Dragonfall War” and lastly a great tundra as far as the eye could see. He said if the party could survive this journey then they have a chance to learn the truth. He said, “I traveled in search of the Golden Empire when I was young, but I stopped when I came to the great tundra…” He declined to speak of why he stopped…

Tzar Everwind was in the Town of Adham because he was on the way to see his former friend Xaros. Tzar Everwind said Xaros was a vile and evil being, but a dear friend of his. (A very odd friendship!) However, some of the party believe they know this Xaros creature and believe he was killed in combat several hundred years ago by a Duskblade. Adeamer Talos said he came from a town that had taken the name of a slain creature named “Xaros”. Tyberious Wrexspoke with Tzar Everwind at great length and learned he was more then he seemed. Tzar Everwind is one of Bahamut’s children, a drgaon of great age. He states my mission is deferred death sentence but “commends” me for tying. He noticed Tyberious Wrex was of bronze dragon blood and that he used to have several bronze dragon friends but has not seen a living bronze dragon since the oceans froze.

The party set out to speak with the goblins of the “Broken Sword” tribe. The party arrived in their camp to find it devoid of any movement and had only taken a few steps into their camp when the goblins revealed themselves with knifes at the ready. The party asked to meet with “Spider” and was granted an audience. Even as they went on their normal business we noticed only a handful of women and children (Very strange for Goblins!). Grel Spider says, “Bugbears are a necessity for their tribe, because they look after us like grandchildren.” Tyberious Wrex states, “I will get along well with these bugbears because they hate Galindor Evermask as well.” Spider informs the party Galindor Evermask took the land where the Town of Adham is from them. Grel Spider also states the Red Fists hunt goblins for sport, displaying the savagery these sell swords are capable of. Some of the party believes the Red Fists are to blame for the very few females and young within “Broken Blades”. Spider warns the party to avoid fighting the Red Fists in close quarters.

Before the party ventured to the bugbear fortress Chris Vlchek wanted to speak with moving tree in the glade south of the goblins. Someone had purchased the Slow Weed from Galindor Evermask and hoped it would aid in speaking with the creature. Chris Vlchek hoped the tree could tell us about the ambush that took Lieutenant Rite’s life. The tree spoke and the party learned that many large green skins passed through his wood from the north and returned within a short time. This tree also warned the party of a lake to the north that harbors a great evil that should be avoided.

The party then returned to the goblins and Grel Spider showed us the way to the Bugbear’s fortress. This base was a well-designed fortress made to fend off intruders for extended periods of time. Grel Spider gained access to the fortress stating he had a gift for the warlord and wanted to “beg” for his tribe’s lives. The bugbear guard spat, “Hohoho, lil gib wish to beg, ok. You pass wit frenz but behave or we bash. Got it?” The party was escorted to throne of the warlord who sat upon a great throne made of wood covered in hides. The thrown room itself seemed covered in pelts and the heads of many slain beasts adorned the room. The warlord was a massive bugbear with a protruding jaw and thick leather armour coating him. He had a massive bow made of “Mire wood”, and two large morning stars at his sides. A tiger sat at the warlord’s feet purring and looking at the heroes. The warlord turned his silent gaze towards the heroes as they approached his throne, but said nothing…

Tyberious Wrex spoke first indicating he came from Adham because Galindor Evermask sent them and that they were investigating the deaths of a local patrol near the Town of Adham. The war chief spoke, “Let me understand you, you have come from our enemy Galindor Evermask and accuse us of attacking your…” Tyberious Wrex interrupted the chief, “We meant no disrespect!” The war chief rose from his throne and his guards readied their weapons, “You dare interrupt me in my throne room! It is common place for my kind to kill those that do not show respect to their betters, but as you are not of goblin descent I will allow you to pay a fine for your breech in etiquette. Otherwise, you will fight me now!” The party offered a stipend of 40 gold to the warlord and Chieftain sat in his throne again. The party learned the chieftain sent his men to assassinate the guards of Town of Adham to prevent the alliance with the orks. They believe an alliance between the orks and Galindor Evermask would disrupt the balance of power in the region. Petr Roy learned that the party can aid the bugbears by either killing the tree the heroes had befriended or by killing the creature that inhabits the lake to the north that the tree had warned us about. The war chief indicated this creature can scare a others to death and has killed many of his tribe.

The party returned to the Town of Adham where several members in the party believed there was a shrine to Vecna under Adham’s Pelor temple. The party searched the temple, but found nothing new until they investigated vault room. Augustus Sunborne found a set of indentations with a set of small rods that seemed to fit in them. Even with their friend, Konda they could not open the door. The party sought magical assistance from the enigmatic being named Tzar Everwind.

The party entered the Warlock’s purse and surrounded Tzar Everwind and asked him to go with them. He declined the invitation as he felt insecure being asked in such a way. Tyberious Wrex offered a riddle to help alleviate this feeling he had, but required a gesture of effort on our part before he would go anywhere with the party. He asked for two full buckets of morning dew (An odd request!). We sought assistance from Joseph and finished collecting the dew within two days. Chris Vlchek over heard rumors that a town known as the Town of Xaros has a hag at the bottom of their well, and that a chimera escaped a tower in the city of City of Arcanna.

Tzar Everwind tasted the dew using wooden spoon and seemed to enjoy the taste and relates to us tales of the different ages of the world as we lead him to the temple. He indicated the world was in the fifth and final age do to many signs and portents he has witnessed. The most notable portent being the apparent extinction of the bronze dragons.

The first age was the age of the golden empire and some unknown calamity occurred and the citizens of this utopia left without a trace. He did not comment on the other three ages, but indicated each age ended with a calamity of their own. Tzar arrived at the temple which interupted his story and the party opened the temple doors to Tzar Everwind and allowed him to solve the puzzle and open the door within the temple vault. The party went down the stairs without Tzar Everwind and Konda failed to find a false ceiling trap which was activated when he opened one of the three doors in the corridor. To avoid being crushed, the party ran through the east doorway which was illuminated with a blue light.

The room with the blue light was a narrow corridor with a floating blue gem and a foreboding glyph on the floor. Augustus Sunborne noticed the presence of several undead and felt surrounded with evil. Konda opened the door into the shrine room where several vague shadows swirled toward the party, a short battle ensued which ended as the priest turned the spirits into the shadows where they did not return. The party entered the shrine room and saw a larger more elaborate version of the statue found in the last shrine to Vecna. Several Brazziers illuminated the room glowing a vibrant green color.

A voice from echoed throughout the hall and bellowed, “You have entered the hall of secrets. Offer your secrets for a reward.” The party placed the tiny gold statue of Vecna on the alter and it was replaced by a book. Konda found two chests filled with silver and opened one of them. Buptoz opened the other smashing it with a mace, however Buptoz not only demolished the chest, but sent a small silver ring into a nearby grate (To the sewers?) Buptoz’s curiosity of the blue crystal they found surrounded by the glyph lead him to touch the crystal. A powerful booming voice boomed over the heroes, “Protect the Soul Shard minions of the dark!” A grotesque spirit arose to fight us. The creature drained the strength of those it struck keeping Petr Roy incapacitated with the crystal most of the fight. The battle was a harrowing ordeal and the party suffered, but was able to defeat the creature with the help of Moon Beam.

Now the party must choose what they will do while within the temple… Destroy it? But who built it so seemlessly into the church of Pelor’s temple and what would prompt a priest of Pelor to allow this. What sinster role does Vecna play within the temples of Pelor and what does it gain hiding so close to its hated foe? There must be an answer…



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