The Golden Empire

Saturday June 2nd, 2012

Within the City of Arcanna, in the city of magic, Petr Roy entered into Baltar Academy. The Vanguard took some time to prepare and re-supply to continue their search ever forward to find the Golden Empire. Petr Roy continued his search to locate the elusive mage known as Content Not Found: eli_ by speaking with his old academy teachers and students who still seem unaware of who _Content Not Found: eli is or where he might be.

Petr Roy was given a note to seek out the locker he used during the academy and found a strange wand known to him as Nine’s Instructor’s Wand. Petr Roy tested the wand on a squirrel in a nearby tree and found the instructor’s wand was not only operational, but its effects became more effective as he concentrated. Petr Roy pocketed the wand though he could not explain the note he had received from the messenger.

Tyberious Wrex and Chris Vlchek spoke to the city’s blacksmith in the City of Arcanna, who in fact was an artificer named Content Not Found: alcaster_. _Content Not Found: alcaster wore a white robe inscribed with glyphs of magic and a blindfold over his eyes. He indicated he had never heard their footsteps before and he would remember them should they return. He also indicated he enchanted items for a price. Two fifteen foot tall stone golems peered over the adventurers as they spoke making the two heroes nervous, but curious about this individual.

Tyberious Wrex inquired about Content Not Found: alcaster_ and about the weapons he was enchanting now. _Content Not Found: alcaster looked towards the sky and responded, I am enchanting holy weapons for the war being fought between the elves. I have also been commissioned by the paladins of Bahamut order to fight against the Daconians. However, I don’t see the point of your people’s war and it will end in tragedy for both sides.

Tyberious Wrex asked Content Not Found: alcaster_ which Elves he was helping and _Content Not Found: alcaster responded, I have been enchanting Elven weapons since the war began and it appears I will see its end after all. Even if that end is tragic as well…

Arcades Rubik used the Content Not Found: mana-stones to rejuvenate his energy allowing him to cast spells to identify magical items he had collected. The party informed Augustus Sunborne of the crypts below the city and choose to use the Chalice of Pride to identify several magical items.

Phonato-Theusige sent the Vanguard to mine a special ore, but along the journey they came across a savaged caravan. The bodies of the fallen lay in the twilight hours as Gnolls ransacked its contents looking for valuables. The Vanguard crashed into the barbaric horde of creatures cutting the savages down in hopes to find survivors. A sole guard was found alive, but gravely wounded while Augustus Sunborne attempted both medicine and divine healing to save him in vain. The guard whispered, Get chest… To Arcanna… Phonato… Or we all… Die…

The Vanguard discovered the chest in one of the toppled carts, but the damaged iron trunk proved too damaged to locksmith open and the party after some debate lit the cart on fire in hopes the trunk would be damaged. The plan was successful and Petr Roy used his magic to extinguish the flames revealing the Content Not Found: tiara-of-pain. Petr Roy felt the magic emanating from the crown tried to take the crown, but was knocked unconscious by the might of this relic. Tyberious Wrex used his sword to drop it into Arcades Rubik’s backpack, but the relic struck him unconscious as well.

The party choose to take the relic to Phonato-Theusige. When the party reached his mansion he explained that the crown was on its way to him with a large contingent of guards protecting the caravan. He explained, This crown is part of the ritual to keep the magic of the town alive and prevent a catastrophic event from Three Peak itself. The ritual is preformed every nine years by a specially chosen mage. I would like your group to oversee this ritual as soon as possible and for your time and efforts I will reward you handsomely. This tiara must be worn by the chosen female mage and no one else. It will kill any man who wears it, though most succumb to unconsciousness by touch.

Phonato-Theusige looked towards the volcano, To perform this ritual, you will choose one of his three assistants based on their abilities and take them to the center of the volcano so they can perform the ritual. Good Luck…

The Vanguard chose a young mage named Kira whose specialty was protection spells. She placed the tiara on her head and her eyes glowed a deep white. The party traveled into Three Peak following the path as it was laid before them, but small goblin-like creatures made from magma gushed from cracks in the walls and floor. The battle ended victorious for the heroes, but their gear and bodies were left mangled after the fight due to extreme heat.

Chris Vlchek spotted some writing on the wall which only Kira was able to read. She said, It means only one whose soul burns can continue this pact.

The party then came across a serpent like creature known as salamander, but despite their bad reputation this one stood at a white hot forge. He remained silent to the party’s questions, but motioned towards the damaged weapons and armour the party had and to the forge where he stood chained to. The salamander repaired broken weapons and re-forged several others without payment or any noise other than the beating of hammer strikes.

The parry dove deeper into the base of Three Peak and found three salamanders imprisoned in cages and two heavily armed guards brandishing two handed scimitars protecting an entrance to an underground fortress or city. Tyberious Wrex tried to speak with the guards, but they responded only with a hissing noise and strange gestures. Some of the writing on the archways indicated, The Fall of the Serpent Queen.

The party then continued to the central chamber of the volcano where a huge blue fire elemental floated at its center, Bring fourth the one worthy of the power…

Kira looked at the party, I don’t think its safe. This room is full of evil magic and if I go in…

Tyberious Wrex responded, We will protect you while you perform the ritual. Believe me, we will not fail!

Kira looked at Tyberious Wrex and said, ok I will go…

Kira began the ritual as the party took up positions around her. The Magmen charged fourth from all sides while the party fought wave after wave of the creatures. Weapons were charred, armour was melted, but Kira completed the ritual and both the elemental and Kira vanished annihilating the remaining magma creatures. But what happened to Kira?

The party theorized and later confirmed with Phonato-Theusige Kira was intended to be a sacrifice for the greater good of the City of Arcanna which saddened and angered Tyberious Wrex for the role they played with a ritualistic sacrifice… However, as promised Phonato-Theusige kept his promise to reward the heroes with enchantments and money to continue their venture… Though some of the party wished they had investigated this task better or they could have found a way to spare the young mage’s life…

However, the City of Arcanna, the city of magic and its Content Not Found: mana-stones glow in the dimming lights of the world. What further sacrifices must the heroes make to find the Golden Empire? Will the price be worth the sacrifice? Arcanna chooses to sacrifice a hero every nine years to keep their heritage… What are you willing to sacrifice to find yours?



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