The Golden Empire

Saturday January 14th, 2012

The party rested a few days to recuperate from retrieving the 2nd Power Node. The party choose to continue cleansing the temple of the last remaining Power Node and taking it for their own. Adeamer Talos had a personal interest in rescuing Mira so the party choose to set off to the temple.

The party enters the temple and once again examined the trap on these doors in hopes of disassembling them. However, the trap once again proves too demanding and the party sets the trap off trapping them within the temple for an hour. Buptoz enters the Power Nodes chamber and discovers it to be an emerald. However, the shrine’s voice boomed out over the heroes, “Protect the Temple from the heathens!”, another undead creature materialized to threaten the party, and Tyberious Wrex’s sword Moon Beam began to glow in a pale light! During the battle, Petr Roy collapsed onto the Power Node he was holding (Saving his life!). The battle raged on until Chris Vlchek and Buptoz delivered several powerful blows to the creature sending it back into the hell that spat it up. Thusly, the emerald defender of the altar had been destroyed!

However, no sooner than the last beast was defeated, the crystals shimmered with an unearthly power emptying their magic to the temple’s alter itself. The Power Nodes were left powerless, still gemstones of considerable size, but no longer radiant. The raspy voice once again addressed the party, “Come forth if you dare and face the true power of Vecna itself.” The party believed fighting this power at this time would be foolish, as most of them were wounded and exhausted. It was also believed Petr Roy’s research would grant some insight to defeating this being.

The party return to the town and Buptoz, Chris Vlchek, and Tyberious Wrex all try to complete Riffolk Scofflaw’s challenge. All three individuals fail their attempt while Petr Roy inquired about the use of Galindor Evermask’s alchemy lab. Arcades Rubik goes to his old friend Content Not Found: grommet-shearsbrow_ through town for Fizban’s best in order to help rebuild Guinness. Arcades Rubik was given a list of ingredients to collect in order to have _Content Not Found: grommet-shearsbrow craft it for him.

Adeamer Talos arrived so the party set off to rescue Mira Reed. The party arrived at the opening of a cave with goblin sign telling us, “Stay out (unless your name is bob!), else we die.” Chris Vlchek finds tracks and he determines that they were from a Halfling and less than a week old. The party drew its weapons and delved into the caverns.

Inside the party came upon 3 corridors. The party noticed broken weapons and bodies of goblins everywhere in the central cavern as if a battle had taken place here many months ago. The party chooses to take the right corridor which leads them to a deep chasm. There is insufficient light to see the bottom of the chasm a coin was dropped down into it to help determine its depth. It was thought to be three fathoms deep. However, as the noise of the coin echoes throughout the cavern Chris Vlchek looked around and tightened his grip on his blades feeling the presence some vile vermin. A single spider crawled from the depths and turned to attack the party, but Augustus Sunborne struck first sending the small creature flying off the cliff into the abyss! However, his face grew dark as he saw two dozen more of the creatures swarming up the wall towards him. Chris Vlchek struck hard against the mob of vermin with the support of the rest of the party and slew them to the last. A larger spider then descended to attack, but Arcades Rubik ripped out his guns and with a single motion filled the creature with holes killing it before it even reached the ground.

The party backtracked to the central cavern and went down into the central corridor. This corridor opened into a huge area with a lake. The cavern was filled with several large cocoons and a small ballista near the entrance with 4 regular bolts and one special bolt tethered to a chain. The party chooses to open several of the cocoons and the first two opened had small spiders inside of them which were dispatched by the party. The third cocoon had Mira Reed inside of it, but she was weak and unconscious. In addition, either due to the noise or bad luck the party came under attack by a huge spider lurking above them (The target of Mira?). Buptoz and Chris Vlchek fought the spider while Arcades Rubik and Tyberious Wrex try to load and fire the ballista. This spider seemed different than the ones the party had been fighting… It had armored chitin legs, much larger, and fought with far more ferocity. After it was injured, it began using its armored sections as a shield giving it added protection. Chris Vlchek launched a volley and one of the arrows struck its eyes blinding it for a brief second allowing Buptoz to get a single axe strike into its skull killing the creature. After resting for a moment, Buptoz jumped into the lake and felt the presence of a spirit while the others did the same. Some of the party also noticed a cloaked figure walk out of the lake and fade into the shadow, saying "Thank You.”

The party returned to the central cavern and ventured down the left corridor. The terrain changed from a cavern to a well constructed brick laid highway. This corridor leads the group to a massive door in the shape of a gear. The door had gears and small pistons over it and a small viewing panel which was closed from the other side. Just outside the door the party found an abandoned battle axe made of steel (of unusual construction!)! After several attempts the party, Adeamer Talos shocked the door with the two rings in hand and the door reacted. Gears moved, pistons banged, and a whistle blew, but the door still didn’t move. However, a short while the viewing panel opened and a voice ushered out, “Who be ye and what be yer business ere?” The party had their weapons drawn and he seemed cautious of the party’s intent.
The party believes they are speaking with a dwarf and they show some of the Content Not Found: metoric-iron_ they possess. Arcades Rubik informs the individual behind the panel that the group needs several items for Fizban’s best and the entity trades him some Content Not Found: elmer-s-flask_s for a piece of Content Not Found: metoric-iron. Though the party seeks entry, the guard will not allow them entry until they prove themselves. The Red Fists have taken an item from their guild and the party is to get it back if they want to gain entrance into the Gear Works 72.

The party then returns to town with Mira Reed who promises her assistance to the party for helping her! Tyberious Wrex sees a man have an argument with Tzar Everwind and has dragon blood as two blue wings sprout from his back and he flies away. The party also receives a letter from the Red Fists saying we must meet at a location east of the Town of Westerly Winds or Hogni will die.



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