The Golden Empire

Saturday December 17th, 2011

Last session the heroes came to be face to face with Mechano Chickens! A gnomish drone device used to protect their homes from minor threats. Although many engineers know how to construct them, only the gnomes construct them regularly as they are viewed as “inferior” models at best.

As the chickens raced towards the heroes, they drew their weapons in preparation for the ensuing battle. Just before the mechanical beasts reached the heroes, Buptoz ran to the front line and began speaking with them. The chickens halted and synthized a robotic tone, “Speak Password.”

Through quick thinking or the simplicity of thought, (We may never know!) the barbarian responded “Password?” The machines looked at each other, lowered their attack posture, and powered down to go about their business. The group looked at one another in disbelief at how the witless action from the barbarian saved them countless battles throughout the tower.

The party moved into the main room where they noticed row upon rows of these Mechano Chickens. (There must be thousands within the tower!) However, they remain inactive as the party passes them so they move on. They also notice a stairwell at the far side of the room with a large imposing metal fence in front of it prohibiting getting to it. The party also noticed a ten by ten foot sized room outside the fenced off area which was illuminated with a bright white light. A quiet constant gear grinding noise could be heard some distance away.

The heroes decided to take a closer look inside the illuminated empty room. The room seemed to be empty with the exception of a control panel with ten buttons arranged in a three by three format with one button of to the side. However, the symbols each button were odd and no one seemed able to recognize what they meant. The party’s new companion, Arcades Rubik examined the panel using his engineering skills believing the room to be a lift of some sort. He entered the room alone and pressed a button, taking careful note of which one of the ten he pressed. A double sliding door closed cutting him off from the rest of the group, however Arcades Rubik felt nothing. The remainder of the part began to here a dull quiet music echoing throughout the hall and a slight dropping feeling in their stomachs. The party looked at the doors to wait for Arcades Rubik return.

Meanwhile, Arcades Rubik waits for the double doors to open and after a brief moment the doors slide open again with a “Ting” noise. He looks out of the elevator and is surprised to see he is not with his comrades (He didn’t feel himself moving so he believed the lift broken!). The room he was in now was circular shape but the floor was grated and the floor below could be seen beneath it. However, the most predominate thing in the room was a massive metallic spider machination which turned to look at Arcades Rubik the moment the doors opened. The creature had swords for its legs and one massive red fluorescent eye staring at him. Though it was difficult to not pay attention to the metallic monster, the room also possessed two massive metallic crates which sat behind the creature at the far end of the room near a control panel with a set of levers and buttons.

Arcades Rubik struck the same key he struck before in hopes it would bring him back to the floor he was previously on. However, his eyes grew wide as the door opened again to reveal he was still on the same floor with the mechanical spider gliding towards him. Arcades Rubik panicked and struck the panel in desperation and the doors closed once again and stayed closed, however his relief was short lived as a blade from the spider pierced the door just an inch away from his head. The spider sword retracted from the door as quickly as it came and a few moments later the doors opened to a different room.

When the doors opened this time he had his finger on another button ready to press it in anticipation of the large mechanical spider. This room was separated into three parts by two interposing grate fences. However, as Arcades Rubik looked around he noticed three small mechanical spiders creeping towards him. Once again he struck the control panel. The doors slid closed and when the doors opened again he saw his comrades waiting for him.

He informed the rest of the group of what happened and spoke of the door that led him to other areas of the tower. The other heroes told him about the strange falling feeling and the terrible music that played while he was gone. From what Arcades Rubik knew about gnomish engineering and the strange events the party believed that this device was called a “Gnomish Lift” in which the tower moves around one fixed point (The lift!).

Upon further investigation Augustus Sunborne and Arcades Rubik learned how to return to what they deemed the top floor where the giant mechanical spider resided and Adeamer Talos was able to identify one of the buttons strange marks and how it changed depending on location. He claimed it was the mark to go to the 2nd floor, but aren’t the floors arbitrary? The party then ventured forth to the second floor.

The party arrived on the second floor and was greeted with a captivating metallic safari. The grass seemed to be woven metal but as soft as silk. The heroes looked on to see areas of the grass moving, it seemed as if multiple creatures involved in a pursuit. However, the shimmering grass was tall enough to obscure the chase. The entryway also had a large rifle and a safari hat made of metal. Arcades Rubik took the gun and helmet and fired off a round. No projectile came from the rifle, but it made a very strange noise, and would only fire one shot before needing to be put back in its slot to recharge. A few of the members left towards a rock ledge they could see through the brush while Buptoz charged into the brush.

As Buptozpushed through the brush, but stopped when he heard a purring noise. The remaining members of the party made it to the ledge in time to see a large Mechano Cockatrice pounce on Buptoz. The group found another rifle up on the rock ledge, but no dock port meaning the rifle could not be recharged here. The party saw ten areas where the grass was moving besides Buptoz.

Though a short battle ensued it ended with Buptoz tearing off the mechanical creature’s head. The heroes also found can of [[:fizban’s-best]], a known drink of the gnomes… Or a lubricant depending on your profession… The party chooses to take the strange drink with them and departed to the next floor.

They began going through each button and floor of the tower. There were three floors identical to the floor the entrance was on including the vast number of deactivated Mechano Chickens, the Content Not Found: mechano-sword-spider room, a room split into three partitions by the chain link fences with the little spiders, one floor with five rooms divided by the chain link walls with little spiders in it, one floor has a giant door shaped like a gear with a keypad, but as they went to the final floor they heard a cry for help as the door opened.

The lift doors only open about two feet before stopping with a grinding halt. The party exits the lift to see steam pouring through busted pipes, hanging wires sparking with electrical dispersion, fallen beams and debris hanging throughout the room. The room has also been split into two halves by support beam failures. As the heroes venture into the room to investigate a Content Not Found: mechano-strider activates and jumps into view. The creature is much larger than the Mechano Cockatrices the party faced earlier, but the creature sparks and wires hang off it showing its internal workings.

The mechanical marvel charges Chris Vlchek and the battle begins. The creature employs hit and run tactics striking people down with its sharpened talons and resin beak which immobilized parts of the body struck with stoning effects. As the battle raged each member had several appendages turned to stone (Thankfully it was temporary!), but it was Petr Roy who struck it down with a powerful electric-magical attack to the head. The party was so gravely wounded during the battle they almost forget a voice was calling for help.

The other side of the room behind the wall of rubble was also in as much disarray. They found the source of the cries for help and cleared out the rubble to find a incapacitated and unconscious Gnome. The Gnome seemed to have small metal bits showing through his skin(indicating damage?) Arcades Rubik tried to examine the damaged Gnome in hopes of repairing it but couldn’t due to its complexity. The party believed it was/is Guinness. There were also two chests with several items within them including a pair of Dueling Pistols, a ring of Ring of Electrical Conductivity, a ring of Ring of Electrical Resistance, and a Content Not Found: voltage-tuner, and several gnomish kits. One of them is a long sword that doubles as an engineering kit and the other is a backpack that doubles as a gem cutters kit. Several satchels of gold were also taken from the metal grates. The party took the damaged Gnome to the floor they noticed a workshop earlier.

The party brings the gnome back to the room and they place him on the work bench and a mechanical eye comes down from the ceiling and starts talking to the party in gnomish (Surprisingly, no one knows gnome!). The party conferred in great detail with one another how to best help Guinness. The party’s first idea resulted in the accidental death of three random peasants (Why peasants don’t go in!), as they were mauled to death by the killer Mechano Chickens. The party also believed Galindor Evermask could assist (Yes, this idea was a bad one as Galindor hates Guinness!). However, it seems Galindor Evermask was very aware of the heroes’ plan and it became very clear Galindor Evermask keeps a close eye on the heroes. The party learns a gnomish word for repair (There are several!) and says the word to activate the repair process on Guinness. Cheers erupt from the room and high fives begin, but it is all for naught as Gnome doesn’t rise despite the repairs.

The party decided this might take a while and go to back to the room with the little spiders and the two gated off rooms. Upon arrival on the floor Augustus Sunborne charged in with Buptoz and begin attacking the small Content Not Found: mechano-spiders. The party fights a small skirmish with the spiders, but the battle continues until Arcades Rubik “borrows” some magic from Petr Roy and they both let forth a surge of lighting. Crackling mechanical bits fly through the air despite their tactic to jump on to the enemy and bite repeatedly. During the fighting, Petr Roy runs over and zaps the little robot on Augustus Sunborne not realizing that Augustus Sunborne would feel the burn as well (Or perhaps not carring!).

After apologizing to Augustus Sunborne, the two of them get up to investigate the two chests in one of the separated rooms. The group finds a heavy short sword and some gold and silver. They approach the other crate, but it is a trap and it transforms (Insert transformer noise here!) into a large metal golem who seemed insistent on destroying the party. It began smashing everything and knocking the adventures around causing massive damage to the party, but using some finesse the party managed to get the upper hand on him with some well placed shots to some gears and Petr Roy ‘s dazzling electrical attacks.

The mechanical monster fell to floor almost crushing several party members, but they thanked their deities for their survival they notice that a satchel of coins is sticking out from underneath. The party was presented with a strange problem as the cargo it carried was underneath five tons of rusting metal. Despite their best efforts, they were only able to retrieve the gold and silver. Due to their injuries, the party choose to rest at the temple in town to regain strength, but left Buptoz to watch over the repair work being done.

Though the heroes rescued the little Gnome from his tomb, the party questions what happened and was the danger over? And what of the Mechano Chickens and the factory creating them? What purpose were they for and what is the ominous count down leading to? Time seems to be of the essence, perhaps only Galindor Evermask knows the truth…

The party now rests, but



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