The Golden Empire

The “Golden Empire”… Those who seek it are thought to be mad questing to find an empire that may not even exist, but you know it does. To prove it exists you have all gathered at the eastern most village within the Unaligned Lands known as the “Westerly Winds”. You have all been told you must begin your expedition here and venture into the great unknown… Your reasons are your own, but you all share a common goal… You will find this Empire or die trying for you know your destiny awaits far to the east past the “Edge Mountains” and beyond the “Desert of Glass”. Will you find your destiny or become another soul lost to the ravages of the wastes?

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Adventure Log (Beginining to End!)

Saturday October 29th, 2011
Saturday November 5th, 2011
Saturday November 19th, 2011
Saturday December 3rd 2011
Saturday December 17th, 2011
Thursday December 29th 2011
Friday January 6th, 2012
Saturday January 14th, 2012
Saturday January 28th, 2012
Saturday February 11th, 2012
Saturday March 3rd, 2012
Saturday April 7th, 2012
Saturday May 19th, 2012
Saturday June 2nd, 2012
Tuesday June 12th, 2012
Friday July 13th, 2012

and more to come…

The Villages, Towns, & Cities (Only the Visited Ones!?!)

Town of Adham
Town of Westerly Winds
Town of Xaros
Town of Broken Copper
City of Arcanna
City of Geley

The Places (Where!?!)

Castello Assosi
The Broken Stone
Castello Fire
Three Peak
Glass Desert

The Races (What!?!)

Half Elf
Half Orc
Sun Elf
Moon Elf
Mountain Dwarf
Dragon Born

The Gods (Who’s On high!?!)

Omertes Larethian

The Organizations (Who’s on the Down Low!?!)

Red Fists
Order of the Shining Star
Order of the Silver Pearl

Events (When!?!)

Mountain’s Edge
The Last Couatl
Golden Age
1st Age
2nd Age
3rd Age
4th Age
1st Cataclysm
2nd Cataclysm
3rd Cataclysm
4th Cataclysm
5th Cataclysm
Dragon War
New Fall of Durandal Castle
Tiamats Retreat

Cool Stuff (More To Come!)

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