Town of Xaros

Town of Xaros – Population – 1,100 mixed human, elf, and half-elf. The only road to and from this town leads to the Town of Adham and it is treacherous and plagued by bandit raiders(Usually Orcs). The town is controlled by a family aristocracy, the Adeamer Talos’s family which now only consists of him and his mother since his father perished several years ago to a set of strange accidents at the local mine.

The town’s main export is raw iron and copper, but it also ships a uncommon metal known as Blue Iron used by many enchanters to craft magical items at a reduced cost.

Before Adeamer Talos‘s family came to this town over two centuries ago, the town was controlled by a dragon named Xaros. The creature never attack the town directly, but it would terrorize the local countryside with its pressence. It was defeated by the Adeamer Talos’s family and although bandits have encroached into the area many civilians are relieved the terrible dragon is gone…


Town of Xaros

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