Town of Westerly Winds

Westerly Winds – Population – 1,000 Mixed races and demi-races. There are countless roads coming from all directions to this small town. The town wasn’t always as small however and in better times the town was a small city with ten times its current population. However, fires and mysterious events have wittled the town to a hardy mix of races and hold-outs. The city is lead by a Elf named Pharlip Altet who is seen as a just, but reclusive leader. The town has no standing fighting force, but a standing miltia lead by a Halfling named Holme Acrat protects the town from raiders.

This town is the “Gathering” for those who seek the Golden Empire and many believe if you must find this town in order to begin this quest. Of course many believe the Golden Empire is a Myth and one would have to be mad to undertake such a quest.

Update – Day 7, Seed 2, Awe 1 – With the loss of Pharlip Altet and the massive fire(Killed 100) that raged through the town, the citizens of the town turn to Hogni of the Broken Stone Inn. Hogni sighs before accepting, but agrees to become town mayor, although he says “I’d rather just run my Inn.”

Update – Day 8, Seed 3, Awe 1 – The danger of the past from the Castello Assosi is now over with the estates destruction. A powerful band of heroes known as the Vanguard arose to fight this evil but, despite their best efforts the town still lost 200 of its people during the lightning strikes. Many within the town hope this is the last challenge the town will face… However, a shadow still looms over the small town…

Pharlip Altet
Hobse Bophubb
Holme Acrat

Town of Westerly Winds

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