Town of Broken Copper

Town of Broken Copper – Population – 1,100 Humans

The only road to and from this town leads to the Town of Adham and it is treacherous and plagued by bandit raiders(Usually Orcs). The town is controlled by the Pelor church and its temple is said to contain a priceless artifact.

The town’s main export is coal in vast quanties, but shipments have slowed over the past few years. This small town is full of secrets and lore. It is commonly believed to be a holy ground for all, but many wonder of its true origins

Update – Day 3, Seed 2, Awe 3 – This once proud mining town has been annihilated by unknown bandit forces. Survivors claim large hulking fur covered creatures assaulted their town with fire and light though the Town of Adham guards have issued a statement it was most likely Bugbear activity. However, even the guard are baffled as to how a town of almost 1,000 with a tough militia fell to the incursion within mere hours of the attack…

The Town of Adham calls its citizens to join the ranks of the guard and help protect its tin streets…

Noteworthy Inns

The Millet
This inn is a simple wooden building equivalent to a longhouse in size and construction. It has a small hedged ground surrounding the Inn and its accomdations consist of large segregated rooms and cots on straw mats near the several hearths. A secondary lodge for the kitchen and bathhouse are adjacent to the main structure. Some believe the Inn itself has a history…


Town of Broken Copper

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