Town of Adham

Adham – Population – 7,500 Mixed races and demi-races. Prior to the goblin attack from " Zu Zu the Bloody” the town had two ruling factions viying for power over it. A council of 3 merchants lead by Galindor Evermask and a Pelor ruling council. During the goblin attack however the ruling council was killed by the Goblin shaman Giz.

The loss of the church cursed the town and nearly half of its inhabitants have died to sniper Goblin arrows or fled the city entirely. Only a handful of guards hold the barracks with the merchant leader Elf Lyne Trebuchet.

Many hoped Riffolk Scofflaw (The resident champion soldier) would lead the remaining soldiers in a counter attack against the Goblins, but as of yet he has stayed in the [[Warlock’s Purse]] currently employed by Galindor Evermask himself as a bodyguard. During the first few days of fighting the Inn was attacked several times, but Riffolk Scofflaw with a few good men annhilated the Goblins. Since then, they have avoided this area.

Update – Day 23, Seed 1, Awe 1 – With the death of Zu Zu, Giz, & the departure of the Goblin snipers, the people within the city are free to wander the streets and rebuild. The city’s people nominated Galindor Evermask as the new magistrate of the city with Lyne Trebuchet and Guinness as vice-magistrates. Galindor Evermask accepts his new position and vows to rebuild the city. He exclaims, “Although the true heroes cannot stay within these walls, they promise to aid us in this time of need and in return I will grant them supplies and whatever aid I can bestow them before they leave us for the great city of City of Arcanna.”

Update – Day 1, Seed 5, Awe 1 – Galindor leaves the Warlock’s Purse and travels to the center of the town to confront Guinness as the city is being altered around him… Changed to a metal wonderworks of practicality rather than the stone architectural marvel that Galindor would have made it the Town of Adham choose to allow Guinness become the new magistrate of the town. However, as Gallindor reached the center of the town he spoke, “I will not live in a world ruled by Guinness!” Galindor then took his own blade from his cloak and struck himself down in the center of the town. Though the town mourned his loss, none mourned it more than Guinness who raced off with Gallindor’s body in hopes of saving him…

Since then Guinness has not been seen or heard from… He is assumed to be in his tower, but his doors remain locked and no one can verify his whereabouts… Despite this, his Mechano Chickens continue to work to rebuild the damaged town in Guinness’s image.

Galindor Evermask
Lyne Trebuchet
Zu Zu
Riffolk Scofflaw
Mira Reed

Town of Adham

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