Sun Elf

Physicial Description

Sun Elves are taller than typical elves, standing about 5 to 6 feet tall and typically weighing 110 to 150 pounds, with elf men the same height as and only marginally heavier than elf women. They are graceful but frail. They tend to have a bronzed skin tone, with deep yellow eyes. Elves have no facial or body hair.


The Sun Elves are amongst the most hauty races in the known world existing within the empire known as the Order of the Shining Star. Seeing other races as a mere mistakes made by other gods they hold all other races in contempt. Their view of any craft, skill, or feat by another race is abysmal workmanship and not fit for the Elves and their ilk. However, this being said they do believe every race has a place in the world and usually that place is beneath them.

The Sun Elves hierarchy is complicated to a level of understanding that no other race understands. It almost seems every Elf in their country has a title or social ranking indicating their political might and strength. As such, most other civilizations often mistake all of them as nobility, even if their title is a simple one such as, Talon – Lord of Shale Rock. This individual would seem to be important, but “Shale Rock” might only mean he is a quarry worker.

Still other races often accept this strange race and its view for the vast trade goods they produce… They may be hauty, but their work standards and abilities are the want of every city state and country within the known world. Their goods are priceless, their talent undeniable, and skills unmatched except perhaps work by Dwarves or the Moon Elves…

Their epic war with the Moon Elves has brought hard times to the Sun Elves draining their vast reserves and military strength to the breaking point. Other countries, most notably the Lands of Bahamut and the Pelor church have both offered assistance, but to their dismay the Elves have stubbornly refused any such aid saying their battle must be fought and one by Elves alone as dictated by their god…

Sun Elf

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