Red Fists

Aproximate Number – 200
Races – Human/Elf
LeaderCommander of the Red Fists
Known MembersAloden Kaiben
Ranks – Recruit, Soldier, Veteran, Elite, Lietenant, Commander
Alignment – Lawful

The Red fists are a mercenary company that fights for gold and profit. It originated over five hundred years ago when a enigmatic individual began training individuals against Goblin, Orc, and Bugbear incursions. They lead the counter attack against the horde of Gerltar De’ Gred and pushed the orcish forces back into the mountain ranges seperating the unaligned lands and the lands to the east.

They brought order to many lands and quelled hundreds of uprisings and rebellions. Many believe they have kept many of the non-aligned lands sperate and un-unified, but most historians agree they were just a factor. Still, they are often underestimated throughout the land by most countries as a standard mercenary company.

However, it should be noted this company shows an absolute distaste for goblinoids and the Red Fists hunt them relentlessly. They show no pity, no remorse, and no quarter to ANY goblinoid. Captured goblinoids are often pitted against slaves and recruits on one on one matches to not only kill the goblins, but to train their men and women.

Red Fists

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