Party Loot


Gold 487
Silver 8311
Copper 0
5 gold bars
2lbs smelted meteoric iron
1 lbs unsmelted

Healing Potions

6 Cure Light (d8+5)
1 Imperial light (d10+5)
4 Cure Moderate (2d8+10)
1 stoneskin potions (Provides 2 points of DRR for an hour)
2 Lesser restoration potions
38 Gutshaker
10 Uses of Elven Wine
10 Uses of Dwarven Ale
10 loafs of stonebread
9 loafs of weybread (heal d-4)

Buffing Potions

9 Zuzu’s – Red Death Rage Potions
3 Downs
5 Diluted Antidotes
3 antivenom
11 Holy Water


3 Books of Necromancy – From Necro Chapel in Westerly Winds (Josh has them)
Map for Tower
Map for Temple
Little Silver Chest
Signet Ring – Strifewind (Alby’s Wearing it)
Box of cocaine
Engineered Crossbow (see recap of 11/5/11)
Full Quiver of Bolts
Pharlip’s Necklace – magic
Better Quality – Red Fist Arm Guard
Lightning Rod
Maps from Nolan’s old character
Cart With Mule
Composite Long Bow – +3 strength modifier
Dueling Blade Chris has them

Party Loot

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