Order of the Silver Pearl

Approximate Numbers – 500,000 Elven Citizens
Races Moon Elf
Leaders – The Silent Council
Known Members – The Moon Elf Nation
Ranks – No soldier within this empire wears or adheres to a rigid command. Rather fighting as small guerrilla units directed from the Silent Council through magical means. Captured Moon Elves have indicated that the council uses a form of telepathy to contact and coordinate attacks, but attempts to tap into this communication have all failed…
Alignment – Chaotic


The elves of the Order of the Silver Pearl are a true mystery. They live without titles, names, and any semblance of organization. Though they respect each other with an unwritten code akin to the “Golden Rule”, they are among the friendliest elves in the known world welcoming outsiders and treating them as they would any citizen.

Their “misunderstandings” however limit other nations interaction with these elves despite their friendly nature. Most races often consider elves to be a “flighty” race, but these elves take this to unbelievable extremes. No current government has been able to enact any “true” agreement with the Moon Elves despite the overwhelming desire and political need.

This issue is in part caused from the lack of any apparent government structure other than the whispering of a small council known as The “Silent Council”. However, despite extensive spies, magic, and political pressures the councils members, activities, and numbers are completely unknown…

There are also no apparent social structures within this elven society making important individuals near impossible to locate and identify. Even local merchants and trade routes are difficult to maintain due to inaccessibility making trade far less lucrative for ALL sides involved. It is also partially believed the council manages their citizens through telepathy for the nations needs. If this is indeed the truth… No nation is as efficient at production and resource gathering as these elves are…

That being said, no one can deny their value as a potential ally and were they not so entrenched in war against the Order of the Shining Star they could easily overwhelm the non-aligned lands within months with elven weaponry and elite troops. However, their troops leave north to fight… Never to return…

Order of the Silver Pearl

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