Order of the Shining Star

Approximate Numbers – 500,000 Elven Citizens
Races Sun Elf
Leaders – Congress
Known Members – The Sun Elf Nation
Ranks – All soldiers within the Sun Elf nation have rank and importance dictating a tradition held within their cultural heritage for several millennia. Each citizen is born into a caste system within their specific family. The training for their future begins much earlier and to a higher degree making them experts in their craft or art at age 20.
Alignment – Lawful


The elves of the order of the Blazing Star are understood all too well… Their bureaucracy and tradition are so overwhelming, the inefficiency so thick, and political pressures so unpredictable no outside influence can influence them. Respect is only given to those that are born to the appropriate rank and those who are Tel Sha… A grim life awaits… The Sun elves show respect to outsiders IF they have great respect and title within their own realms, but non-nobility and merchants are treated as unwanted guests…

Their are NO misunderstandings with this nation as every law is dictated to unsurpassed detail, spoken to those that cannot read, and upheld with rigorous effort. They are rude and opinionated, but despite this unfriendly nature they are well received as they bring wealth and riches to those that deal with them. These elves are organized, skilled, and fair traders.

However, aside from trade agreements which falls under the “Exports” office, official treaty agreements must be heard and agreed to by 2/3rds of congress during a congressional meeting and called fourth by the House Chairmen, who of course must be FOR the proposed treaty to take place. However, the House Chairmen who must be selected by congressional votes monthly must within a period of no less than 1 month enact to hold a congressional meeting for said proposed treaty to be enacted… Etc….

These bureaucratic methods limit any potential possibility this country will ally or form any non-aggression treaties with local governments despite the obvious desire by local governments to do so… To make matters worse, their are regulations against the House Chairmen holding his position as such for more than 2 months in one year making the empire’s ruler more or less the congress itself… Democracy at its finest…

The Sun Elf society is built on a caste system with few freedoms for its citizens. This rigid structured society seems to be acceptable to the elves as they show no signs of discontent, except the Kel Sha which often flee the nation as soon as possible. The congress often deliberates on many subjects regarding the war with the Moon Elves and they will always hold one congressional meeting per year to determine if a peaceful resolution can be attempted… Thus far and for the last millennia… The votes have been unanimously against it…

That being said, no one can deny their value as a potential ally and were they not so entrenched in war against the Order of the Silver Pearl they could easily overwhelm the non-aligned lands within months with elven weaponry and elite troops. However, their troops leave south to fight… Never to return…

Order of the Shining Star

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