Omertes Larethian

Omertes, god of the sun and patron god to the Order of the Shining Star, is neutral good. His title is the Shining Star. Omertes is the creator of many good things, a supporter of those in need, and an adversary of all that is evil. He is the most commonly worshiped by the Sun Elf community though most Elves believe he is the brother to Corellon. His priests are well received wherever they go. Rangers and bards are found among his worshipers.

The domains he is associated with are Good, Healing, Strength, and Sun.

The mace is his favored weapon.


Omertes is the primary god for the Sun Elves and the god associated with their creation in general. He is revered by all Elves, but there is a association with the Human god Pelor. Many theologens believe these two gods to be one and the same, though Elves treat this sort of talk as at best theoretical… At worst heretical…

Omertes Larethian

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