The god of dwarves, Moradin, is lawful good. His titles include the Soul Forger, Dwarffather, the All-Father, and the Creator. Moradin forged the first dwarves out of metal and gems and breathed life into them. He governs the arts and sciences of the dwarves: smithing, metalworking, engineering, and war.

The domains he is associated with are Earth, Good, Law, and Protection.

His favored weapon is the warhammer.


Moradin is not believed to be a being in the conventional sense as other gods. The Dwarves believe it a force or presence that more or less exists within every being to challenge themselves and each other. Dwarves believe Moradin even exists within their enemies to test the dwarves’ strength, ingenuity, determination, and courage…

Though Moradin is often portrayed as a dwarf for symbolism most dwarves truly believe he is something beyond their understanding and his “Cosmic Forge” burns on crafting new and interesting creations constantly. Creatures capable of great crafting skills such as elves are regarded by dwarves as having great resonance with Moradin even though elves refer to these thoughts as nonsense. Dwarves often retort, “They may not believe in Moradin, but Moradin believes in them through their creations…

Being a scientific race has largely not interfered with this race’s religion and seemed to only fuel their belief even further… Many theologians do wonder how their priests regain magic with no apparent entity granting their powers like human temples do… However, dwarven priest magic is strong… Strong as rock itself and just as uncompromising…


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