John's Rules and Regulations

I will be making this section so we have an area of John Rules and custom stuff he does so we have one central look up area. It will take a while and be put up in pieces. Damn coding.


Multiple attacks will weaken all attacks as a whole. I.e. Target with (6/1) attack rating can make 1 attack at (6) or 2 attacks at (1)…
Note – This will include my creatures as well! Most of my creatures will attack 1x unless they have multi-attack, are leaders, or have special considerations.
AtB – Attack Bonus
AtB = (Base Attack Bonus + Size Bonus + Strength Bonus + Magical Items + Abilities)
AC – “To Hit” Armour Class
AC = (10 + Base Attack Bonus + Size Bonus + Dexterity Bonus + Magic (Deflection) + Abilities)
Bonuses from armour no longer add to armour class. Instead these are DR values for your character that stack. Magical armours will indicate if they are Deflection or Absorption.
AC Never Nixed… Bonuses are awarded for situations… (4) for Invisibility, surprised, or prone situations / (8) for paralyzed, and unconscious, or backstabbing.
These bonuses do not stack in any way because they are basically negating any dex bonus any opponent might have.
DRR – Damage Reduction Rating
DRR = (0 + Armour Bonuses + Shield Bonus + Magic (Absorption) + Abilities)
Weapon Finesse use grants “Armour Piercing”. All rules must be observed (Including no strength bonus!) with weapon type and appropriate proficiency.
Trained Unarmed attacks are considered “Armour Piercing”. This includes attacks from monks who are trained to strike vulnerable areas on a target.
Shield Bonus
Shields are considered armour and add onto DR bonus. Keep in mind certain shields may not protect rear or flanks and apply additional armour check penalties.
Shields may be used a number of times equal to its DR bonus per round. After that the shield’s bonus is useless until next round.
Tower Shields (or Body Shields) may be used in combat for (+4) DR, however using it in this fashion inflicts a (-2) modifier to hit for all attacks.
Tower Shields also yield 50% Miss chance for all ranged attacks including “Ranged Touch” and reduce breath weapon attacks to 1/2 damage or none if saved against. PHB – 133
If armour is damaged, wearer may elect to take damage to the shield instead lowering its DR value until repaired.
Using the “All out” Attack or “Charging” inflicts a (-2) penalty to armour class.
“Armour Piercing” – If damage exceeds DRR rating, attack bypassess DRR for full damage.
SRR – Spell Reduction Rating
SRR = (0 + Base Spell Resistance + Magical Items + Abilties)
This ability negates damage from any magical attack. Its armour for magic, but isn’t cumalative with ERR!
In addition, this ability directly lowers the duration of any spell by 1 to a minimum of 1 round.
ERR – Energy Resistance Rating
ERR = (0 + Base Energy Resistance + Magical Items + Abilties)
This ability negates Energy damage based on a type of energy. This is armour for breath weapons, some magickal attacks based on the energy type. I.e. “Fire”.
Obviously, there could be several different ERRs for the same character depending on the energy type!
Piercing attacks/Impact attacks/Magic & Energy
“Piercing” attacks always deal minimum damage of 1 despite DRR to LIVING creatures.
“Impact” attacks are devastating attacks that negate all DRR and force armour to make BCR check if attack is in threat range.
Impact attacks include “Falling”, “Bull Rushing”, “Over Run”, Critical Hits, Backstabs, and attacks from creatures 2 size categories or larger!
Ethereal, Touch, Magic, and Energy attacks also ignore DRR, but may be stopped by SRR or ERR as appropriate.
Critical Hits
Critical hits are considered “Impact” attacks that bypass DRR and force target’s armour to make a Break Chance if second attack roll is in threat range.
All creatures are subject to critical hits and therefor can have their DRR bypassed!!!
Creatures normally immune to critical hits have Critical Resistance instead. Damage is reduced I category – i.e. x3 becomes x2… ect…
Fumbles in combat
On a fumble…
Enemy receives an attack of opportunity. A special attack causes weapon to make Break Chance Roll if a 1 is rolled.
BCR – Break Chance Rolls
Using a tool, kit, sundering, or weapon may provoke a BCR… This chance must be rolled on a fumble.
If an item fails a BCR it becomes “Cracked” – (-2) to all rolls (Including future BCR checks) and DRR and a further failed BCR check “Breaks” the item.
“Broken” items are at (-4) to all rolls and a further failed BCR checks destroys the item.
A weapon or piece of equipment avoids damage on a (6+) on a 1D6.
Armours have a break chance based on type – Light (6+) / Medium (5+) / Heavy (4+) on a 1D6.
Weapons that have “Bludgeoning” damage or “Masterworked” items may avoid damaging effect on a 1D6 roll of (6+) or (+1)
Superior & Magical equipment is more resistant to damage and gains a bonus equal to its bonus… I.e. A (2) sword would save against this effect on (4).
These effects stack so… A Masterworked (2) sword would not take damage on a (3). All weapons take damage on a roll of 1 regardless of bonuses.
Obviously, Meteoric Iron and Adamentium can only be harmed by like substances and are immune to most weapon damage – Rusting, disintegration, sunder, ect…
A reroll may be used once per session only, not once per day…
A reroll may not be used on a fumble.
A reroll may not be rerolled and second roll must be kept even if lower than original attempt.
“Luck” a new stat may be bought upon character creation, it may start at 0. It grants 1 Reroll per point!
Falling Below 50% (Bloodied)
Being this badly injured is very bad and performing tasks difficult, it may enable certain abilties though… It must be anounced to the party as well!
All skill checks are at (-4) while bleeding and must be bandaged or healed to stop it. DC = 15 and requires a full action healing check to negate penalty!
Percieved threat! All enemies will prefer targetting you to finish you off! They wont necesarily risk themselves to do so though!
Falling below 0
A hero can survive injuries equal to (Level + Constitution score) below 0, however a “Serious Injury” will be incurred and will require “special treatments”.
Special Treatments – These injuries require powerful magicks to cure or medicine known as “Down” or healing check versus DC – 25
{9-10} Head Injury – Concussion (-2) to all actions.
{7-8} Arm Injury – Disabled Arm – (7) is left, (8) is right – (-2) to all rolls requiring damaged arm.
{5-6} Leg Injury – MV reduced by {5FT/10FT} (Walk/Run), (5) is left, (6) is right
{1-4} Torso Injury – (-1) to all actions.
Death – Being raised from the dead will subtract (2) stat points of heroes choice instead of a level. These losses are exceedingly difficult to recover!
Skill Checks
Skill checks will still follow rules as normal, however to attempt the check again (retry) by anyone, must first pass a stat check vs. (Character’s Level + 10). A retry may be attemptedat a later date IF AND ONLY IF you level, 2 months has passed, or DM says its ok (at least 2 sessions)!
All armour has a helmet! If a helmet is worn it yields a (-Armour Check) penalty to listen, search, & spot rolls… Not wearing a helmet means head shots will go through your armour.
Equipping a helmet is considered a complex action which provokes an attack of opportunity.
Sunder attacks are powerful destructive strikes intended to destroy equipment. As such, if a sunder attack commences and fails to destroy an item, the weapon must check for damage as if it had been sundered perhaps damaging the weapon being used. Note – Bludgeoning weapons have bonuses against BCR checks.
Encumbrance Rules
An individual may carry 1 set of clothing and gains 3-Small, 6-Medium, 12-Large, or 24-Huge +/- Strength Modifier Encumbrance points.
Any Item carried under 2 lbs in weight may be carried at no encumbrance, not to exceed 50 items!!! Yes this may include extra daggers and such…
Every 10,000 coins is considered an encumbrance point, but any fraction of 10,000 is not considered.
Weapons/Items – Tiny or Small-B10 / Medium[Kits,Spell Books, & Tools]-1 / Large-2 / Huge-4 / Gargantuan-8 / Colossal-16
Armour – Tiny or Small-[B10][B10][1H] / Medium-[1L][2M][3H] / Large-[2L][4M][6H] / Huge-[4L][8M][12H] / Gargantuan-[8L][16M][24H] / Colossal-[16L][32M][48H]
Belts – 1st belt is free and it may carry 10 small easily accessible items (Potions/Scrolls/Wands) Belts allow the use of free actions!!! If its not on a belt it cannot be used as a free action. Additional belts/Bandaleers may be added at 1 encumbrance each.
Quiver – Takes 1 Encumbrance point and may carry up to 50 Arrows or bolts. A quiver is required to reload quickly… Double reload times if it is not used!
Wagons – Can carry what the mounts can carry – Donkey/Mule/Pony7, Horse[12L][16H], Beast of Burden(Oxen,Buffalo,ect)20, Warhorses[14L][18H]
Clerics, & Paladins
Must Tithe 10% to their local church to remain in good standing with them.
Must Pray at a shrine, temple, church, cathedral or other holy site to your specific deity to regain spells… Resting is not enough!!!
See Alignment Requirements.
Sorcerers, Bards, Druids
Sorcerers may change out their spells for another spell at a price… Usually around 100 x Level in gold per spell.
Must regain their powers at a font of power. Special places where magic is concentrated.
Wizards do not need a font of power, instead they MUST rest at “Sheltered Lodging” i.e. an Inn, or Rest (8 hrs) restudying. (Wastes the day!)
Must purchase scrolls to learn new spells. Costs vary ,but see magic item creation for an idea.
Specialists may spontaneously cast their type of spells. “Spell Mastery” feat allows wizards to spontaneously cast certain spells they know.
May spontaneously cast spells in a combat magic tome which requires an encumbrance point, takes one hand to use, and carries 1 Level of spells per level of hero!
Wizard Towers allow “Wizards” to research 5% faster/cheaper per wizard tower level. Also allow wizard to recall a spell on (4+) chance if wizard is in/on tower.
Learn Spells – Int check {DC = 10 + (Level)} Another attempt may be made next level. Specialists receive (+2) bonus to learn their specialist spells.
Thieves/Bards/Other Classes
May roll stealth check at beginning of combat to hide in shadows as long as they are not ambushed.
May stealth in combat for full round action if unengaged (DC = 10 + Highest Monster Challenge rating + Listen skills) A (-10 modifier is applied if a creature is watching you!)
Skills to Note (Note) – Remember certain skills had relevance last campaign, they will again!
Negotiations – If any skill check is required for price negotiations, roll this. DC increases by 5 per 10% and starts at DC 10. Failure may kill the deal!
Barter – Base price of most items is 50%(Gems 75%) with modifiers. Barter increases this by 5% per rank. This skill is never rolled! This can be further negotiated!!!
Hide/Move silent – Are now 1 skill. Both are considered THE “Stealth” skill.
Blacksmthing – Armoursmithing/Weaponsmithing/Blacksmithing are all the same thing. Skill allows construction of metalic items. Used in ruinc items!
Knowledge skills (ALL) – Are considered class skills for all classes.
Spot/search – Are now 1 skill. It is a class skill if your class posesess one of these as a class skill. Consieder THE “Find” skill.
Drinking skill – The drinking skill!!! Used for vile nasty potions and drinking faster. Standard action grants Dex mod(1) potions + {DC = 10 + (5/drink)} and you can still use free action!!!
Bluff/Sense motive – Highly underated last campaign, you guys should reconsider these skills.
Diplomacy/Etiquette – Are now 1 skill. Both are considered THE “Speech” skill. Your ability to act proper in the pressence of royalty. This skill may alter relations with a NPC!!!
Listen – Still used and separate from the “Find” skill. Useful for finding info without seeing it via, What’s on the other side of a door? Does not detect a thief, but may cause spot roll!
Survival (Choosen) – (1) to rolls made in region, allows navigation skills, ERR ( Level) veruses natural elements, costs 2 points per choosen area.
Survival (Mist) – (1) to rolls made in region, allows navigation skills, ERR ( Level) veruses natural elements, costs 2 points per choosen area.
Feats (Some new feats are available)
Additional feats are available for this camapaign – Other sources for feats may be allowed!
Engineering – Is now a feat and is required to use guns!!! There is no longer a skill for engineering! Int checks are allowed if you have this feat.
Runesmihing – Is a available feat, remember to take Blacksmithing!!!
Leadership – Allows special advantages at later levels… Allows 1 Additional follower or (Cha) mod bonus followers. Followers may special feats and advantages.
Throw Vials – Required to be accurate for thrown weapons otherwise suffer scatter rolls and (-4) penalty to hit!
Apply poison/oils – Grants (Level) hits with poisoned weapons instead of just 1. You cannot poison yourself with this feat.
Quick Shoot/Throw – Effect-Allows shooting into HTH combat without attack of opportunity.
Superior Rapid Shot – May fire two additional times per round. All attacks suffer (-4) attack penalty.
Superior Combat Casting – Effect-Allows magical casting in HTH combat without attack of opportunity.
Shield Use – Grants an additional (+1) DR bonus from all shields (Not Bucklers). Attacks that ignore the shield ignore this bonus.
Last Block – Doubles DR value for shield at the expense of a BCR check at (-2).
Last Resort -If hero is bloodied (Less than half), (+1) to all combat rolls and saves. All other rules are observed.
Fast Drinker – f an attack would bring HP below 0, Hero may use free action to drink a potion. Roll a dexterity check(Drinking Check) versus DC = (Damage +10).
Expert – Item creation is reduced 25% or gain an 25% income. May create superior items or service 19-20 (10%) chance. Superior service grants additional 25% income.
Master – Stacks! Item creation is reduced 25% or gain an 25% income. May create superior items or service 19-20 (10%) chance. Superior service grants additional 25% income.
Fast Healer – Hero may add his constitution modifier to his healing rate and any healing spells or effects except regen and fast healing.
Final Blow – Full Round Action: Hero makes single attack. It is a critical hit if successful. Next round hero may only take a partial action.
Weapon Mastery – Increase specialization from (2) damage to (5) damage. Requires specialization.
Weapon High Mastery – Hero may Increase threat range for weapon by 1. This bonus stacks with other bonuses. Requires Weapon Mastery
Weapon Grand Mastery – Hero Increases damage of choosen weapon by one die. This effect stacks. Requires High Mastery.
Cantrips – Double the number of level 0 spells a caster may cast.
Tough – Hero stops bleeding immediately if sent to (-) HP.
Guts – May “Reroll” any failed morale, fear, or terror roll.
Iron Stomach – Can eat just about anything. Lower Living Expense by 1 Silver. Reroll failed con tests for puking.
Gourmet Cook – Make cooking check DC 15. If tests is sucsessful, all heroes are granted 1D8 Temporary HP for day. Costs 1 Silver piece for special food per person.
Inventor – May take “Engineering”. May use an invention to assist, roll engineering check vs. DC. If successful add (+1D6) otherwise (-1D6)
Monkey Grip – Allows a 2-handed weapon to be used 1-handed at (-2) to attack and damage rolls.
Hammer Blow – Allows any weapon to deal bludgeoning damage. Weapon makes BCR check at (-2) penalty.
Hirelings – Takes follower slots to use advantages, but must be found and hired. They must be Helpful to be hired!
Torch bearer – Grants double radius of any torch/lantern, Grants Low light to master.
Porter – Carries gear – (+5) Encumbrence points for you to use. He can carry any equipment for use by you.
Smith – Grants reroll for (Level) BCR tests for equipment.
Healer – Medic!(Standard Action and range touch!) – Heals (Level) HP per day to anyone (Level) times per day.
Alchemist – Provides common potions & antidotes for 50% normal price. Must be in service for 1 month to provide potions.
Animal Tender Groomer – Reroll (Level) animal handling or riding checks performed.
Engineer – Grants Engineering Feat
Clerk – Grants (+5) bonus to Barter skill.
Cook – Grants (1D8) temporary hp to party member employing this gourmet cook!
Performer – Backup Instrumentalist or singer, reroll (Level) perform checks per day
Mercenary – Grants a (Choosen) feat to hero sellected from bonus feats, i.e. power attack, weapon focus, ect…
Mercenary Leader – (+1) attack for hero, departs as hero is reduced to 50% (Bloodied!) and does not return until a full months pay is paid again!
Scribe – Grants a reroll for learning spells(wizard)
Masters – A powerful master can teach you as you advance in level… If you listen to him that is…
Rules – All masters are individual NPCs… Each must be earned by the character by doing tasks for him… They may be simple tasks or difficult. Most people begin as “Indifferent” {Hostile(1+)-Unfriendly(6+)-Indifferent(11+)-Friendly(16+)-Helpful(20+)} depending on your charisma score and reputation within the area. Reputation usually starts at 10 in any reagion or group of people.
“Leveling” – As your character levels he/she may gain the benefits of a “Master”. That master will yield some added bonus to your character for training with him/her.
Research and Engineering Feats
1) Will grant all benefits as they have been. (Nothing is being taken away!) I.e. research still halves research time and may reduce costs while engineering allows use of all guns and certain mechanical devices…
2) If a character posess the appropriate feat the skill may be purchased as well. It will be considered a cross-class skill (Costs 2 points to purchase for every point and can be leveled to maximum of 1/2 (3+Level)) for all classes EXCEPT the class “Researcher” for research and “Engineer” for engineering. These two classes may purchase this skill as a class skill… However, these classes are considered “Prestige” classes and I will create them.
These “new” skills grant a bonus to all skill checks made.
In additon, the following below abilities are now avaiable!


A hero may opt to “Hurry” research increasing the DC by 1 per day he accelerates his research.


Your character may take (1 + Inteligence Bonus) in “drones” instead of followers. Drones are machines that act as followers, but do not leave at “Bloodied” status, but instead leave when they perform a certain number of actions (Like Charges!). I.e. “Attack Target” would be considered an action for many drones and would cause the drone to make a single attack. Since drones do not understand danger, they do not safeguard themselves and may be damaged or worse. The damage chance is an engineering check vs. DC {15 + Actions Used – Tech Level}… Failure indicates the bad chart is rolled, on a 9 or 10 it is destroyed, otherwise it is damaged and must be repaired {Pay 1/10th cost} and 1 day. Keep in mind only drones used in combat need make a damage chance roll. Because all drones cost money and time (Engineering vs. DC 10 in gold value per day!) to build it is best to use them only when needed. Since they must be commanded by voice, only one drone “Action” per round may be used unless specified otherwise.
Although research is more appropriate and will HALVE development time (and may reduce cost!), the engineering skill may be used to create NEW drone types or more advanced models! A typical model is shown below for reference
Mechano Chicken Mark-Prototype
  • Tech Level – 0
  • Actions – 1
  • Battle Actions Available – Attack Target
  • AB – (+0)
  • Dam – 1D6 Natural Damage
  • Crit – 20/x2
  • Cost – 50
  • Special abilities – None
Obviously, there are more advanced models out there!
Obviously, there are more advanced models out there!
Weapon Finesse
With This Feat
To hit – Attack Bonus + (Dex Modifier)(Armour check penalty for using a shield may apply – IF YOU USE A SHIELD!)
To Damage – Weapon Damage+(Dex Modifier!)
“Armour Piercing” – If weapon damage exceeds DRR of target, target’s DRR is lowered to 0 for damage purposes.
Note – You must choose a weapon “Type” i.e. “swords” for example, be careful on this as certain weapons may be classified under different categories, i.e. a rapier is a “dagger” weapon although its size indicates it is a “sword”. Just ask me if you have a question about a specific weapon. Some examples of weapon choices are, swords, daggers, spiked chains, light maces, fist weapons, claws, whips, ect…
Gathering skills
Using gathering skills works just like a proffession skill guys when just scavenging. You make a check vs DC 10, the amount you beat it by is the amount in “silver” pieces you make in 1 day. So money made is {Roll – 10} in silver per day!
You can do three things with this money
  1. Sell it for its base value (There are always buyers for base product!
  2. Use it directly at its value for item creation. This may be important if base supplies are not avaiable for you to use your skill.
  3. Used as XP. 25/1 ratio in gold of the XP needed.
There are of course modifiers for this sort of work depending on the location you work at and it requires proper conditions. In most cities, employment can usually be found easily. This amount can be doubled or even trippled in areas where your skills are in demand. Certain feats may also play a part in this task. Gathered materials money cannot be spent until you sell it… It can be sold at a rate of (10 +Charisma bonus + Barter Ranks + Negotiation Ranks) per action.
If you are using the skill to gain money you can do so daily (Despite rules saying the contrary!)… You make a check vs DC 10, the amount you beat it by is the amount in"silver" pieces you make in 1 day. There are of course modifiers for this sort of work depending on the location you work at and it requires proper conditions and employment by a patron. In most cities, employment can usually be found easily. This amount can be doubled or even trippled in areas where your skills are in demand. Certain feats may also play a part in this task.
Creatures – It should also be noted creatures may be scavanged from… The DC for doing so is equal to (10+HD) of the creature and it requires the appropriate kit to perform (Alchemy Kit for Herbalism, Leatherworking kit for skinning, ect…) Success grants an immediate amount of material equal to {(Roll – 10) x HD}. Obviously, skills like “mining” and “wood gathering” would not apply unless the creature was very odd indeed, such as a earth elemental or treant.

Item Creation Chart and Rules

Creation of items is similar to Gathering except you need to pay 1/3rd the value of the item (Creation Cost) and then make a skill check vs DC 10. The amount you beat the DC by is the value in “gold” pieces of items you create. Please note, creating your own items requires you to own a shop/lab/store/ect… A typical building of this caliber costs 1,000 gold per level and limits construction of new items. (Max item gp value = {100 x Level}. In any event, no shop can be used to make a magical item of any kind without paying 10,000 gold per level. I.e. a glade, wizard’s tower, & other magical buildings fall under this price and follow similar rules. Magical item creation costs however are according to my charts.
For better role playing characters with an alingment must take certain codes of ethics. Each character starts with up to 2 alignment points. Any class with resticted alignments must choose 1 to start with for each alignment required. A character may take another alignement or regain a lost feat at any "even" level (Even without atonment!) A character who does not obey their alignment feat for any reason has "Sinned" and must atone to regain their "Alignment" status. Leveling may also "Atone" you if you reach an even level.

Any alignment

↝Additional Tithe

Donate an additonal 10% to the church or locale municipality. This may only be taken once!


(Judge Dred) I am the law! This alignment embodies honor, trustworthiness, and obedience.

Always patrols the city, (Every day in city/town character must roll a 1D6 to perform a city/town action, on a 1 he patrols the city instead!) Usually just wastes time!


Always “Speak” the truth. Never use “Bluff” or “Innuendo” skills! (Plain and simple)


Always obey authority of any soverign nation above your station. (Yes, Milord it will be done!)


Always use special attacks or “All Out” attack during battle and never use “Hide” skill! (CHARGE! For the Empire!)


Never steal or tresspass within a city/town or take part in such a plan. (Stealing is wrong!)


Never strike a defenceless, prone, or flanked target. (I prefer a straight up fight to all this sneaking around!)


Never “Kill” a member of your own race or aid in killing one! Yes, you may pull your last punch unless you are performing a special attack!!!!


Never use poisons, missile weapons, or traps. Never perform Coup De Grace unless in single combat! (Let my sword protect the weak!)


(Robin Hood) Embodies freedom, adaptability, and flexibility.

Never just work!, (Every day in city/town character must roll a 1D6 to perform a city/town action, on a 1 he goes to the nearest bar instead!) Usually just wastes time!


Never use diplomacy, negotiation, or sense motive(Cause everyone is lying anyway!)(I’m not taking the heat for this one!)


Always delay first action to “Last” unless it is a surprise round or you are “Hidden”. (Ha, They’ll never see this coming!)


Never perform as party leader. You may nominate a replacement of your choice. Cannot use leadership feat!!! (I’m not the leader type!)


Never perform or use divination of any kind. Never follow commands or use benefits from tactics rolls. (Your not my boss!)


Always use special attacks or “Backstab” attacks. Never use stun damage! (I’m not gonna hold back!)


Never use an item/spell/ability on anyone if it will affect: Stats, movement (knocking prone counts!), or mental state even IF BENEFICIAL!!! Note – You cannot “Wake” someone.


Never charge or enter melee combat FIRST! (I’m not risking MY neck out there!)


(See Ghandi) Embodies Altruism, respect, and concern for life.

Always doing charity work, (Every day in city/town character must roll a 1D6 to perform a city/town action, on a 1 he helps others instead!) Usually just wastes time!


Always grant quarter to anyone asking for mercy. (Good is dumb!)


Always helping! The word “Help” means you go! At least to make sure nothing is wrong! (Damsel in distress… Hopefully!)


Always obey men of the cloth (Good Alignment)!


Always takes the shot of an enemy’s attack if attack is within 1 move action and ally is reduced to less than 0(This will be consisdered a critical hit!)… (NOOO!!!!!!)


Always use rerolls (if available) on any roll less than 10 even if its successful! DM informs after roll!


Never take part in a plan which involves destruction of large areas of wildlife or involves the death of 1 or more innocents.


Never “Flee” from combat, but you may use fighting withdrawl.


(Grim Reaper) Hurting, killing, and oppression of others.

Never sitting around, (Every day in city/town character must roll a 1D6 to perform a city/town action, on a 1 he looks for trouble instead!) Usually just wastes time!


Always strike a helpless or unarmed foe over any other target. Neutral targets are considered “foes”. (Evil is a Dick!)


Never take part in a quest unless there is a known reward! (If your good at something, never do it for free!)


Never purchase serices (or accept blessings) from any church. (I aboslutely know there is a god, and I hate him!)


Never use the “Wait” action. (I’m not waiting for you!)


Never uses potions or scrolls unless “Bloodied” (I don’t need it!)


Never ask for help. (I don’t need you or anyone!)


Always “Flee” combat if “Bloodied” on heroes turn. (I’m hurt, I’m really hurt here!)

John's Rules and Regulations

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