Fall of Durandal Castle

Captain Emancer stood on the parapet looking over the tower as the elves set up their weapon. A long spear posting a circular sphere with arcane runes glowing red with lapping flames emanating from its center. His golden scales changed color under the light as he watched the elves dance and sing their ritual.

“I am getting tired of waiting for them Ile,” as the huge Dragon Born jumped off his landing and looked towards the frail thin human Bright wizard. The small human grinned as he leaned on his tall hickory staff and looked at the twenty some colorful dressed and painted Elves performing the ritual…

“I know what you mean, but we have our orders and the king believes we can shorten the war with this… Weapon…”, he shook as Emancer snapped upright and snarled, "By destroying our own castle! I do not know if I hate or like this new king!

The red robed human looked on towards the pristine white walls of Durandal castle only now tarnished by the Draconians markings and heraldry. “They mock us with their banners and to tell you the truth, I thought us defeated when they took our capital, but now I feel we may have a chance. What about you Emancer?”, as Ile poked the ground with his staff.

“I will gut their filth from this world, and shred their banners for the evil they have brought to us… And to this world… Never forget, WIZARD, I have served over 100 years of death to these vile beings, do not forget who you serve and why.” The eyes of the Dragon Bornglowed with same fire the strange artifact glowed.

The wind threw some fire from the brazier into the air as Ile stroked his chin while two silhouetted robed figures approached. “Elves, never did trust them”, the Dragon Borncrushed a rock beneath his heel as the two elves strode towards them. Ile threw a disappointed look and a whispered voice towards his friend, “Be more tactful, these are our allies!”

“Ehem, I am lord of Highland Starspeak the 3rd and this dark one over here is the Council or so I believe. You two and your unit will have to protect us until we can perform the ceremony or their will be no fireworks or Elves you can distrust, the Sun Elf sneered as he turned wand waived towards his contingent to begin the ceremony. The dark robed figure simply gestured a simple soft gesture towards them and walked away…

“See, one openly insults us and the other simply waves his greeting without a word. Not sure which I prefer really, an pompous ass or a quiet coward… What about it Ile?, as the Dragonborn turned to Ile.”

“I’d prefer if you’d show some respect for the people that could save our lives and many more! Assuming we of course survive…”

“That brings me to my next point, why so close to the Durandal, couldn’t this be done a little further away”, the scales of Emancer rustled.

“No, they need to be close or the spell will hit our forces as well. That is why our mission is so secret and so important. Even the king doesn’t know all the details and its our job to make sure the king’s decision is the right one with our small band… Just hope its not a death sentence,’ Ile muttered as he set down to meditate while Emancer sharpened his ebony sword…

An hour passed as the pair watched the elves perform their magic making the fire emanating from the artifact grow and the sky begin to bleed red. Ile looked towards Emancer, “Should be only a few more minutes according to the Elves. Its nearing its flash point…,” his voice interrupted by a blast of ice shunting him and Emancer to the ground.

“Ice Mage,” Ile struggled to his feat, “Damn Ice…” However, before Ile was on his feet Emancer was charging towards the enemy headlong with his men into the numerous Draconians lurching out of the shadows. “Where are they coming from, how are they doing this,” Ile shuttered as his staff groaned from the cold around him.

Two white Draconian guards charged him from the side, but Ile pointed his staff and fire gushed out leaving only charred remains. Three more rounded around the city wall with a blue robed man toting a glittering staff of ice in tow, “Hope Emancer is doing better, because he left me with the leader…”

Emancer’s white tunic was splattered with the spilled paint as potent as any splendid portrait as his ebony weapon darted from foe to foe. “Form up men, defend the elves and make them pay ten-fold for every soldier they take down, he bellowed as he pulled his blade out of another lifeless follower of ”/wikis/Tiamat/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Tiamat.

Emancer looked around for the enemy’s leader and found him… A Fire Chameleon of gargantuan size strode his way through Emancer’s troops while knocking many of his own troops down cutting a swathe of ichor red in his wake. Emancer gripped his ebony blade, his chipped shield, gritted his teeth as he charged towards the monster. Their two weapons clashed splitting his sword into thousands of tiny fragments. “Ile better be doing better, because I found the leader”, he muttered…

Ile shivered as another blast of cold slammed into his fire shield and splintered into a haze behind him. He looked towards the grinning ice mage and gouted a flame from his mouth engulfing the white robed wizard in an inferno… “Better… Huff… Be… it…”, he stumbled back looking at the fire, but his eyes met the cold stare of the wizard wading through the fire. “Ecandium Belram!”, while pointing his wooden staff", the fire erupted into a flash blinding everyone save Ile who jumped behind a pile of rocks..

Moments later a titanic roar following a flying red soaked Dragonborn fell on top of him. Ile looked to see Emancer on him, badly wounded but still awake and smiling to see his friend still alive.

“Just me en you now weakling, I see you found a nice spot to hide though…”, as he spat red color from his battered gold jaw."

“Heh, well you know… I couldn’t find you so I figured I’d hide behind the second dumbest thing out here on the battlefield… This rock… Plus it doesn’t bleed…” They both chuckled…

Both of them staggered to their feet to see themselves surrounded on all sides with both Draconian leaders set to charge, but as they readied themselves, a crackling thunder struck around the castle and the two friends. Parts of the castle flew around and ash shot through the air as hot as any spell Ile ever cast. The castle ignited with fire and lightning from the very heavens above echoing the death of Durandal to the heavens above.

“Guess we won”, muttered Emancer as bolts of lightning danced around the battlefield. “Hope the elves got away, but don’t think we’ll be making it outta here though Em”, stated Ile as he picked up his broken staff. The enemy strode towards them from all sides as Emancer leveled his shattered shield back to Ile’s back", I wouldn’t have it any other way old friend… See you on the other side…"

Fall of Durandal Castle

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