Physicial Description

Elves are short and slim, standing about 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 feet tall and typically weighing 95 to 135 pounds, with elf men the same height as and only marginally heavier than elf women. They are graceful but frail. They tend to be pale-skinned and dark-haired, with deep green eyes. Elves have no facial or body hair.


Elf lands are interesting bastions of nature and magic. The elven lands are places of intrigue and wonder. The elves tend to be just as xeno-phobic as the Dwarves hiding in their massive wooden fortresses. Still, even the most isolated fortress of the elves is hospitable to other races assuming they enter their wood peaceably. However, despite the wisdom of the Elves, they tend to be less hospitible to any cross-breeding often calling such individuals “Kal-Sha” or dishonored ones. As such, it is very rare for a Half-Elf to remain within such a city for long….

In Human lands, Elves are considered equals by Humans and are highly respected. Most Elves from the Elven Empires are loathe to speak of their heritage or lands… Even to Human royalty… This fact is surprisingly excepted by many lords as “Elven Hautiness” and it is often left at that. Elves outside their lands are often silent, elusive, and very skilled at whatever their trade may be as most prefer their homeland to living abroad…

The Elves have also divided into two sub-races and have been altered either through their magicks or their customs and beliefs. These two factions have been fighting one another over an unknown philosophical difference. Most beleive it has to do with the origins of their kind, but neither side seems willing to halt their war for any reason or discuss this matter with another race…


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