Dragon War

The holiest of strife for holiest of reason. Brought eth through and under the soil to every place the world it will be fought. Its past and future forgotten with those who would’th strike down all that is holy. Would’th you take heresy and follow the great death in the starlight or run to the crackling earth below in its depths where nought but fire and brimstone burn.

Steel crossed as the sun set on the golden age of our peoples and the first of many tragedies befell the world. Everything shook as Tiamat and Bahamut bellowed in rage and the priests decreed each other twas to blame. Many lay under rock and steel that day, but twas a mere shadow to the way chosen…

Twas the day of reckoning when earth shook and the priests on high peered at each other eye to eye with fervor and hate bringing the wrath of the great gods upon all. However, twas not by the gods hand, but by the hands of priests that changed these minds of metal so each knew the other as enemy. Those who strove to hear the gods true testament were brought low by metal demons from the deep or the celestial animals from the heavens.

The metal demons strode up as great animals of glittering steel biting and spitting fire at holy warriors, shattering their shields and swords, while the celestials from the heavens bore many forms on whim, but all possessed the best traits of animal or man. These creatures flung magic at the holy warriors which no spell could counter nor any shield avail them. Tiamat‘s and Bahamut’s grand marshals were both laid bare that day as a result of their lack of faith to stop this hellfire.

The great priests believed these terrors to divine intervention, but none knew what brought these terrors to our temples. The priests that endured the wrath blamed each other’s lack of faith for summoning these terrors… So begat hell on Exodus…

Dragon War

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