Dragon Born


Dragon-Born are often confused for Draconians and vice-versus until they display their values. They are humanoid beings with dragon-like features created during the First age. Draconians are made from the eggs of dragons and Dragon born are crafted via a special process involving a dragon scale and a sentient species. Draconians and Dragon-born served as assault troops and special forces in the Dragon armies. After the First Dragon War they were considered a success and both forces began using them extensively. However, both sub species of dragon cannot reproduce. It is unclear why as both still have male and female organs. Dragon-born are named after the coloration they represent.


Draconians and Dragon-born were created for one purpose… Most believe that purpose was warfare… Born into war and never seeing peace both races fight a constant war for survival.

Within Human society a Draconians and Dragon-born are godly and revered. To become one is a honor and to know one is a luxury. Other races treat them with respect…

Their history is tied to the Dragon Lands, their fate tied to the Dragon Wars, their lives to the Dragons themselves, but what of their souls… No one knows…

Dragon Born

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