City of Geley

City of Geley – Population – 50,000 – 60% Humans, 15% Elf, 15% Halfling, 10% Other

The city is a metropolis for trade guided by its Tzar Content Not Found: ereshiki-manafold, a female sphinx with a small senate of elected officials to help govern the massive city. Its vast streets and markets can be found everywhere and everything can be found eventually if one were to look long enough. This city is considered the capital for the merchant guilds, including the three most powerful: Trebuchet, Faust, and the Katers guilds.

This cities massive needs are mostly met by trade through other nations and every nation knows the value of the City of Geley. Still the city is often beset by raiders and dangers of the Glass Desert which have become far more hostile as of late reducing caravans and travelors…

Noteworthy Inns (Though there are many Inns in this city!)

The Cat’s Hall
More a testament to the god of Olidammara as the entire layout of the building is a stage. The Inn seems to be run by a man named Content Not Found: jasan-devolve who runs his Inn as a hub of everything cool and in the click… The decorations are even designed for a sleek crowd and a special band called Cozy Shack plays constantly at the inn…

Still the inn has many secrets and suprises for the unwarry and many unexpected guests, friends, and enemies can be found wandering its many hallways and rooms. This Inn is constantly being investigated by local authorities, but few arrests occur…

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City of Geley

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