City of Arcanna

City of Arcanna – Population – 16,000 – 50% Humans, 25% Elf, 15% Halfling, 10% Other

The City is defended by magical constructs and wards which are inscribed throughout the city. Two factions, the merchant guilds and a court of aristocrats control the city. Though there is a small contigent of guards that patrol the city, they are used only to end domestic disputes without “killing” as the constructs are very “literal” with law-breakers…

The city is well known for its magical creations and power stones which can rejuvinate a wizard or sorceror in moments. These stones are said to be powered by the powerful volcano Three Peak. The city is also known for a ritualistic celebration every 10 years involving a secret magical ceremony that takes place deep within the volcano’s core.

Magic users from all over the world come here to learn magic or teach it to others, but this location also houses the great college known as Baltar Academy reknowned for training “War Mages” for the constant battles in the dragon lands.

Noteworthy Inns

Hopping Rabbit
The Inn is a two-storey timber and brick building, carved with an elvish style wooden doors. Its accomadations are emaculate and the Inn is run by the lavish and beautiful women by the name of Lady Gudiver. Large private bathhouses serve customers while the beautiful women in this establishment care to ALL your needs.

Lady Gudiver
Lilalac Black
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City of Arcanna

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