Castello Assosi

OwnerMayor Strifewind
LocationTown of Westerly Winds

A massive mansion with over fifty rooms. This old mansion seemed to be built in the span of a day. Thought to be a dwarven household, it is designed for use by both dwarves and those of larger stature in mind. It’s many rooms and passageways are said to hold many secrets.

Rumors from the nearby town say a great treasure lies within its cursed walls. No one is willing to investigate it since the death of the beast fifty years ago. It was slain here by a group of paladins lead by Pharlip Altet.

Some believe this building was designed with a single purpose in mind… But no one has ever met the designer of the building to verify this… Who built this mansion? And why?

Update – Day 8, Seed 3, Awe 1 – The danger of the past from the Castello Assosi is now over with the estates destruction. A powerful band of heroes known as the Vanguard arose to fight this evil but, despite their best efforts the town still lost 200 of its people during the lightning strikes. Many within the town hope this is the last challenge the town will face… However, a shadow still looms over the small town…

The heroes feel the Castello Assossi is still cursed, but with the mansion burned to the ground what possible action can the heroes still take? Sometimes evil hides in the dark places of the world, but the mansion is gone… Isn’t it?..

Castello Assosi

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