Physical Description

This creature is a musclular savage humanoid typically standing from 10 feet to a little over 13 feet tall and weigh from 350 to 550 pounds, with male specimens noticeably taller and heavier than women. Their skin shades range from nearly yellow to deep red, their hair from black to blond (curly, kinky, or straight), and males do posess facial hair. Their hides are protective offering limmited protection to vital areas.

Though its appearance remniscent of a bear, they have little in common with the creature. Bugbear claws are far more pliant than a bear claw and far less useful in combat. The actual life expectancy of a Bugbear is believed to be 80 years including its early “youthful” years as Goblin. Bugbears are thought to be incapable having children, but it is not known if its because they lack the ability or if they despise dealing with Goblin.


Bugbear are warriors, hunters, strategists. Though hardly viewed as peaceful they are far more likely to speak with a traveler than outright kill unless at war. Even then, they prefer to take prisoners in hopes to ransom (or eat later!)! Though most bugbear have a sense of honor it only extends to those within the tribe. Enemies are ambushed, trapped, stunned, poisoned, and otherwise dealt with by any means necesary. An honorable combat with an enemy can occur if the Bugbear truly feels he/she is worth the effort or if the enemy has proven dangerous.

Bugbear are excellent archers and hunters and have been hired by neighboring kingdoms to act as brute force or skirmishers in many different armies for many different lords. There are only three things that are important to a Bugbear. Food, war, and treasure in that order…

Growing nearly 9’ in the span of 6 months is said to be the most painful experience a Goblin ever undergoes(including death!) as they can grow more than 1" in a single day given food and water. Goblins in this state of mind think of little else except food and water and will commit all their resources, skills, power to aquiring it. It is believed other bugbears are made aware of the young Bugbear through scent and often come to aid the new recruit!

Bugbear consider the change of a Goblin to a Bugbear a birthing event and treat it accordingly. Though hardly a nurturing race, Bugbear enjoy the promise of a fine warrior to add to their ranks as he/she will most likely have been a powerful Goblin to survive as long as he/she did. In fact a Goblin in this transformation will often act as a Goblin and try to flee his would be tribe… Many Bugbear consider capturing such a Goblin good clean fun… Let the hunt begin!


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