4th Age

This is the Era in which the world hangs in the balance… Though some have speculated the world stands on the edge of yet another cataclysm… Some Doomsayers would say this disaster will end all life on the planet if someone does not intervene… Will anyone?…

The world is currently at war and every remaining part of the world is desperately seeking answers for the cooling climate and dying world. Catastrophe after catastrophe has left many nations and people on the brink. Many turn to the Dragon Empire and the Draconian Empire in hopes they will find solutions. However, their war has escalated beyond all reason and the senseless violence from their countries has laid millions to rest.

The Elven nations fight a similar war which has escalated to the brink and even in the Non-Aligned nations, there is talk of war between the humans and the orcs that reside within their city states. East of the glass desert, terrors are whispered to haunt the five great orc tribes killing them in droves. While the dwarves have retreated into their near impenetrable fortresses completely isolating themselves from the rest of the world after the 4th cataclysm claimed the oceans.

This is the age is known as the “Remnant Age” as so many great kingdoms fell into disarray and legend as the oceans froze… However, many hold their is still hope as great cities stand poised to take the reins into a difficult future… Cities such as Arcanna – Trading state of the west and Geley – the gem of the glass desert. Their may be hope for this weary world, but what shadows loom over this world? Is their hope?…

4th Age

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