Wind's Wall

A Holy Shield for Tyberious


This articulate and beautiful shield detailing a single dragon embellishment in a bronzed gold and obsidian black masterful design poised to guard its wielder to the bitter end. Sixteen bronzed gold rivets adorn the edge of the shield which is entirely made of Blue Iron. The shield is a work of art which is only surpassed by its protective qualities.

Blue Iron Holy Shield (DR-{3 + 1/2 Paladin/Blackguard Levels}, ENC-1, BCR-(2))

- Holy Shield – Grants 1/2 Paladin/Blackguard Levels to DR value. Paladin/Blackguard Only!
- Holy Hands – Doubles amount of “Lay on Hands” per day.
- Shield of Faith – ???


This shield seems to have a history perhaps from another bronze dragon-born such as Tyberious Wrex and though his understanding of the shield is limited the shield’s protective qualities towards him are not… So long as the user can see the threat and raise the shield, it provides unimagined hardness against any attack.

The shield’s eighteen bronzed gold rivets represent the eighteen schools of thought: Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation, Universal, Bright, Light, Jade, Celestial, Grey, Amethyst, Amber, Ice, and Gold… Each faction harboring a specific dragon type as its symbol and herald. It is unknown whether the dragons choose to be associated this way or whether each school choose them…

The dragon itself is a bit more obscure in its meaning, being comprised of light and dark elements one might come to the conclusion the shield may have a duality within it or perhaps it wishes to conclude some dual nature between good and evil… However, it may just be a decorative piece of art…

When the shield takes a blow from another weapon it resonates sharply and effectively neutralizes most medium strength attacks. Since its power draws upon the wielder using it, the power of the shield constantly increases in strength as its wielder does making it a true barrier against harm.

Legendary armour such as this is said to exist throughout the land and as more pieces are accumulated, the more powerful the holy protection granted. Many non-religious factions within the world hold steadfast the gods have little to do with this effect and instead believe the items harness the wielder’s true potential which must be negatively or positively charged. Regardless of the power’s origin, many are humbled by the strength of such weapons and armour…

Wind's Wall

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