Soul Shard

A Crystal Made of Varrious Materials


A crystaline substance that is prepared in such a way as to allow a creature’s soul to be captured within the vessel. The skill “Soul Trapping” is required and the DC for such an action is equal to (10 + HD of the Creature). The creature must be near death and incapacitated. A special item “Soul Trapper” must be prepared and can take any shape (Cost – 100GP). It can be imparted upon magical items as well (Cost – 500GP). Capturing sentient beings in this manner requires a character to be evil to do so. (See DM!)

Cost of Soul Gems – 10GP per Max HD Limit – A gem may store multiple creatures if its HD limit is not met. Any gem can be worked into a soul gem at the above cost to its maximum value, i.e. a 200GP ruby could be worked into 20HD Prison.

How to use – Gems may be used to pay ANY material costs at 100 Gold per HD or 25 Experience per HD. This value is increased by 50% if all beings captured and used in this manner are sentient!

Power Source – These crystals may power a spell (Making it permenant until power runs out!) for a period equal to 1 Day per GP value – 1 Day per activation (and casting spell costs!) per casting if spell requires activation.


These crystals were created in the second age during the first elemental war between fire, ice, wind, and earth. The battles were destructive affairs including mages from every continent. Though it is not entirely known which side struck first everyone knows the forces of “Fire” struck last… Nearly burning the world to ash…

Soul gems were created and used when power nodes became scarce and the need for power grew during the war. These easy to create items fueled the war for generations, but it is believed this item was partially responsible for the second cataclysm. Despite warnings from sages, mages still use this antiquated arcanna to power their spells and creations.

Soul Shard

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