Slow Weed

Red tinted weed - Slows User


A leafy cannabis plant that often grows in swamps and marsh lands. It is an uncommon plant, but easily recgnized when found. The plant has red long serrated leaves. It has many alchemical properties, but is often used to make powerful potions and serves as an intermediate ingrediant.

- Slows user for 1 turn – Slow forces user to take only partial actions and loses 4 points to AC.
- Euphoria – Bleeding effects are negated, i.e. no (-4) penalty to skill checks and charisma roll for 1 hour after use! Keep in mind, this does not stop bleeding!
- Side Effect – The user has the serious case of the munchies right after smoking/eating this herb. Hehehehe…


It is commonly believed the halflings found this plant and began experimenting with it. They commonly call this plant “Long Bottom Leaf”. However, halfling‘s knowledge on plants that create an euphoria effect is unrivaled by other races. It is unknown how halflings come by this knowledge or if its instict, but a common slogan is held for all such things… "If you can smoke it, eat, snort it, or inject it… It’s probably cause a halfling did it first!"

Slow Weed

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