Ring of Stealth

Ring That Looks Like a Washer


This ring is 1-3/8" in diameter disk with a 13/16" inch center for the finger… It does not alter its size to its user, thankfully it can be worn on any finger for its magical effects, but will still interfere with other rings regardless of what finger its on. Due to its slender design (.1") it is difficult to see when appropriately aligned! It has arcane writing stating – “Series N .75” which doesn’t seem to have any meaning… This ring is made of iron.

Iron Ring – Finger Slot Item

- Stealth Luck – Allows 1 reroll per day on any stealth check.
- Listen Luck – Allows 1 reroll per day on any listen check.

- Note – Search checks to reveal the ring are at (DC = 15 + Character’s Stealth skill)


Most of these rings were crafted during the fourth age for the Dreyman Empire. However, when the cataclysm occured the small island city state disapeared much to the relief of many coastal cities. Now the remaining rings that exist fall to shady organizations.

These items are considered contraband in most civilized areas, but a practical problem of “seeing” the item comes to mind… This ring is so thin and unassuming many officials miss it even if searching the user thorougly…

“If it wern’t so wide the thing would be completely undetectable!”, Inquisitor Frellis Callandor.

Ring of Stealth

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