Ring of Spell Thievery

Tungsten Bejeweled Tech Ring


The rings strange design seems to show signs of technology in its creation. It is made of a rare metal known as Tungsten and the “diamond” being held is not a diamond at all… What it actually is is anyone’s guess. Some rumors indicate dwarves know a great deal of this metal and its uses. The ring is shielded against identification effects.

Tungsten Bejeweled Tech Ring – Finger Slot Item

- Spell Steal (1) – May take (N) spells of any level caster can cast from a target (DC = 10 + Character’s Level + Int) vs Spell to resist effect. This spell may be held in the ring indeffinetely until used.
- ???


Technology is constantly being developed by the gnomish community within the Dragon lands. It is apparantly obvious to all the gnomes they are simply rediscovering technology that was lost many eons ago during the golden age… It is believed the dwarves have rediscovered much of this knowledge, but have all but sealed their great homes since the fourth cataclysm.

The only question regarding this issue is how the dwarves gained this technological understanding so quickly as their technology prior to the third age was not disimiliar to the other empires (Though still better!)

It seemed in the third age the dwarves jumped centuries ahead in technology just before the fourth age’s disaster… Since then the dwarves have hidden away in their homes almost cutting off any communication of their existance despite envoys, trade missions, gifts, magical teleportation, even full scale invasions to which NONE have been successful due to their knew understanding of metaphysical science and engineering.

Ring of Spell Thievery

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