Ring of Resistance

Rings that Resist Elements


Rings of resistance are always made of cold wrought iron regardless of the manufacturer and creation process.

Cold Wrought Iron Ring – Finger Slot Item

- Resistance – (5) ERR (Environmental Resistance Rating)
- Cumalative – These rings can be combined on one hand for further cumalative effects even if they are opposing elements! 2 Rings or Fire Resist 5 could be worn a one hand as a single 10 ERR ring! Awsome!

Balance – Occasionally, a wizard makes a mistake creating this item and they may have unwanted effects, i.e. a fire resistant ring may make you vulnerable to cold attacks!


Items crafted since the 1st age… The oldest of magicks and simplest as well. Ever since the first mages fought with fire and ice these rings became very common. As such these rings exist everywhere and can be found in great quantity.

Oddly enough, only one creation method is used to forge these rings… Many possibilities exist for this strange occurance, but it seems except for decorative features all rings of this caliber are made of cold wrought iron…

Ring of Resistance

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