Ring of Electrical Conductivity


This large metalic ring has several gears portrayed on the side of the ring. This ring seems slightly cool to the touch. The piece itself is approximately 1 inch in diameter and made of a strange unknown alloy.

Finger Slot Tech Item

- ??? Ring – The material the ring is made from is an alloy of an unknown metal.
- Empowered Electrical Damage – (+1)to all damage dice from electrical attacks.
- Set Item – Double bonuses if this ring is worn with Ring of Electrical Resistance!
- Tech Item – This item is a work of technology, not magic! Some items may not function in its pressence and some may work better!


These rings are often created by aspiring engineers in an attempt to help charge items with vast amounts of electricity. An engineer is said to have completed his aprenticeship when he/she can create this ring!

This ring bears the mark of the engineering order called the “Gearworks”. This order is a band of highly intelligent individuals who wish to use their skills to help the world with their inventions. They are a well known and admired group of “Eccentric” individuals…

Ring of Electrical Conductivity

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