Red Fist Arm Guard

Red Fist Arm Guard


The armour at first glance appears to be plate arm guards, however as it is examined closely it is considerably lighter, more flexible, and even shelves a hidden knuckle duster that is attached to the armour itself. It is colored a ruddy red and extends over the entire arm. It is light enough to wear over other armours though training may be required to use it appropriately.

Special Arm Guard

Iron Plate Arm Guard – 1DR – Takes Shoulder slot.

- Knuckle Duster – Grants (2) extra damage to punching attacks. Attacks made with this armour are considered “armed” attacks and do not provoke attacks of opportunity. They are also considered lethal if hero desires instead of stun damage attacks.

- Requires Red Fist Training – or user suffers (-1) to max dex bonus for current armour and cannot use arm it is mounted on unless it is to make melee punch attacks.


The Commander of the Red Fists is said to have created this protective garment for his troopers so they could have some protection and added damage to their attacks. This particular arm guard is particularly light and can be relocated to either arm as desired (With Blacksmithing!) However, due to its restrictive nature, the armour needs special training to use if one doesn’t want to lose the use of their arm it inhabits.

Red Fist Arm Guard

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