Power Node

Power Source


Power Nodes are crystals made from various gems of at least a value of 1,000GP or greater and are at least the 2 inches in diameter (Prohibiting the use of diamonds! Unless they are 10,000 in value!) These crystals have been empowered with the power of the elemental planes, i.e. earth, fire, wind, & water and have vast stores of energy.

Empower Item – This item can restore the power(Charges) to any item of less than artifact strength once per day. If the item is completely and permenantly drained of energy this will charge the item to its oringal form, but will destroy this crystal.

Empower Soul – This item may also remove the effect of stat drain once per day at a rate of 1 per round, until the target reaches his normal abiltiy scores or he drops the crystal… This will not recover permeanant stat drain or death effects. The crystal must be held to do this.

Power Source – These crystals may power a spell allowing it continue forever! (or at least several thousand years!) However, if a spell has a material component or experience cost it shuts down for a day after 1 casting! The node may only power one such spell at a time though it may be changed by the user at any time.

Artificer – Item creations are reduced by 50% for time and cost if the power node is used. This will destroy the node unless it is a diamond version.

Diamond power Nodes – The rarest of Power nodes are can use its abilities without end and has no limitations… Unbelievable! However, only a handful are said to exist and even fewer survive to this day.


These crystals were created in the second age during the first elemental war between fire, ice, wind, and earth. The battles were destructive affairs including mages from every continent. Though it is not entirely known which side struck first everyone knows the forces of “Fire” struck last… Nearly burning the world to ash…

Creation of Power Nodes – The art of creating a Power Node has been lost since the 2rd cataclysm. Such information would be highly valuable as these relics harbor an almost inexaustable amount of energy. However, the process was said to be both time consuming and difficult with only a handful of individuals able to construct them even during the 2nd age.

Power Node

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