Oath Brand

Holy Sword of the Gilded Knights

weapon (melee)

This sword has seen heavy combat and though it shows age and wear it retains an edge sharp enough to cut iron and stone. The hilt is embellished with six golden studs of considerable size and crafting. The blade itself is made of iron and is starting to rust. The weapon’s construction seems to indicate human origins, but such a blade would have rusted long ago…

Holy Iron Bastard Sword (1D10-S, CRIT-(19-20)-x2, ENC-1, BCR-(5))

- Lawful Weapon – Requires two lawful feats to use.
- Calling – This weapon uses “Free” actions to activate and maintain its powers (See Below!).

- Oath of the Knight – Their are seven oaths a Gilded Knight must obey and when invoked in order yield the powerful following benefits to the wielder of this blade:
- By Strength of Hand – For damage rolls with this weapon only, double wielders strength. This affect lasts until oath ends.
- By Fleet of Foot – One attack from this weapon may be a “Smite”.
- By Love of Hearth – Gain (1) luck. This affect lasts until oath ends.
- By Tolerant Hand – One attack from this weapon gains Multi-attack(10).
- By Creative Stride – All attacks from this weapon cause a “Threat to Critical”.
- And By Truth of My Words – All attacks from this weapon cause “Elemental” damage from all four elements(Acid, Electricity, Fire, Ice).

- ??? -


During the 3rd Age many kingdoms battled over land and resources as they slowly began disappearing, but within the ashes of the hell storm the humans of the Gilded Empire forged a now extinct group known as Gilded Knights. They were honor bound men and women who fought alongside the richest and most prosperous empire aside from the Golden Empire. Many believed this empire was its reincarnation, but the fourth and final cataclysm ended this dream.

Deprived of its rich shipping lanes and loss of its naval forces, the empire broke apart into what is now known as the Unaligned Lands. Many relics of this time period disappeared into vast catacombs and tombs as the wealthy past on. The ruins of this vast and glorious empire now sit beneath many of the cities residing within the region filled with undead and demons of an age long past…

But the true tragedy befell the Gilded Knights who fought against the chaos until there were but a hand full of them remaining. Now few know of the knights and their tales have been forgotten. Dispossessed to lonely annuals lost in forgotten libraries.

This sword stands for order and righteousness in a time where few ideals were as noble. The six golden studs stand for the 1st six of the oaths taken by these knights, but the seventh oath is supposedly only to appear when a knight proves himself worthy of it…

Where are my knights that once graced my kingdom? Has all of my work been for naught?

Final last words of the Gilded King…

Oath Brand

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