Nine's Instructor's Wand

Wooden Instructor's Wand from Baltar Academy


The wand is made of a cypress wood which apears to an oak handle. It shimmers and shakes when its power is invoked the wand yields light when it is invoked. It has no outward symbols and appears unusable in combat, however its pliance and supple feel tell otherwise.

Wooden Instructor’s Wand – Equippable Hand Item – 1/10 Enc

- Empower (1) Evocation Magic – Increases each die rolled for Evocation magic by (N).
- Series Caster – Certain Spells are cast from this wand in order of energy requirement as a ray! Uttering the command “word” increases the power of the ray 1 level until it reaches its limit. All Saves are against (DC = 10 + Level + Int) and the range for all spells is Close(25 + {5 per 2 levels in feet})

Original Setup is…

1 – Level 0 – Set to… “Daze” – Target may not act. (Will Negates) and 5HD or more not affected (PHB Pg 217).
2 – Level 1 – Set to… “Ray of Shocking Grasp” – 1D8 + (1 per 2 Levels). (Reflex for half)
3 – Level 2 – Set to… “Melf’s Acid Ray” – 2D4 Acid Damage per 3 Levels. The acid does not do damage the round after unless the ray hits again. (Reflex for Half)
4 – Level 3 – Set to… “Flame Arrow Ray” – 4D6 Fire Damage per 4 Levels. (Reflex for Half)
5 – Level 4 – Set to… “Ice Storm Ray” – 5D6 Cold Damage per 5 Levels. (Reflex for Half)

Note – Though the wand requires one full “turn” to recharge after firing it may continue to fire for Level x 2 rounds at any combination of settings the user chooses.

Note 2 – The wand may be used in HTH combat as a melee weapon if desired to deliver these attacks as touch attacks. If such an attack is successful the target may not save against its effects.

Note 3 – Such wands can be “retuned” with different spells to alter their “Series”.


Training wands are a considerable threat inside of Baltar Academy as instructors can tailor the spells that can be placed into them. These wands are used on students (much to their dismay!) in order to teach resilience, restraint, and often respect. The 3 R’s as you remember them…

Baltar’s academy spares no expense to train(torture) their students into conformity and their methods ween out those who cannot take the training. However, this wand has particulary efficient(ruthless) spells inscribed into it to inflict pain and suffering based on the elements.

This wand is unlike the others in the fact you vaguely remember it being used on you many times… Which makes you having it stranger still… You consider snapping it over your knee for a few moments before thinking about why Eli would let you take it…

Nine's Instructor's Wand

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