Necklace of Brilliance

Gold Sun Amulet with Leather Strap


A golden sun amulet that is carried by a unassuming leather strap. Though it is the source of the light illuminating around it… It does not seem to glow. Its artistic waves are crafted with skill and it appears to pure gold. When activated light pours in all directions from the user as if the he/she were the sun!!! During said time the wearer has no shadow!

Gold Sun Amulet with Leather Strap – Neck Slot Item

- Radiate Daylight – As per the spell Daylight (PHB Pg 216) except its duration is 1D10 rnds.
- Flourescent Light – Radiates a dim light 120 feet. The source of the light is not apparent.

Note – Use of this item will never blind a target as there is no flash, however attackers vulnerable to light who choose to attack/cast at the target while the effect is up will be at (-2 per die) to their rolls made against attacker. (Including Attack, damage, and spells!!)


This necklace is a creation of the artist Skyllum during the 3rd age which he believed the end of the world would take place in… Obviously he was mistaken, but his creations are as potent as when they were created. This is one of his lesser known creations to fight the “darkness” and things which hide in it!

Necklace of Brilliance

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