Moon Beam

Holy Sword of the Order of the Silver Pearl

weapon (melee)

The blade and its haft are made of single piece of silver 4ft and 2 inches in length. The construction of the sword was of an ancient construction (Probably Elven!) with a fine leather handle which is still in good condition. The etchings along the blade upon careful examination read, “Moon Beam” in repetition.

A singular shaft of soft silver light bore upward into the sky from the sword itself.

A faint voice can be heard from the blade when certain wielders use the blade, “I am Moonbeam and I will not obey one as inexperienced as you, but maybe with time or if your needs are great I will lend my light.”

Elven Longsword (1D8-S, (19-20)x2 CRIT, ENC-(1/10), BCR (3))

- Alignment – Lawful (4) (Means this item requires (N) “Lawful Feats” to be used! See DM!)
- Elven – All hits cause critical threat to Undead and silver vulnerable creatures. the weapon is also 1 encumbrence category less than usual(Already noted in its stats above!)
- Masterworked – The finest of blades (1) to “hit” Stacks with magic! and (1) to BCR checks.
- Magic (2) – (Means this weapon may be able to bypass certain creatures DR if they are vulnerable to Magic (N) weapons) The (N) bonus is added to “To Hit” and “Damage” rolls made by a player!
- Non-Aligned Power – Radiates 20’ Moon Light regardless of alignement.
- Radiance of Moonlight – (2) bonus to Strength, Dexterity, Constituition for Paladin’s Level in rounds. May be activiated as a full round action on paladin’s turn. May be used once a day. Daylight spells will counter effect. If enacted during a full moon, double effects and unleashing “Beam of Moonlight” will not end “Radiance of Moon Light”.
- Beam of Moonlight – Unleashes 10D6 Bolt of magical energy(Save DC = 10 + Paladin’s Level + Charisma) vs. Reflex. The “Beam of Moonlight” may only be used once per day and only after “Radiance of Moonlight” has been activated.

Note – Holy Swords are sensitive to outside stimuli (Especially evil!) and may become more powerful under certain conditions.

Update – With the asistance of a Moon Elf Elder, this blade has been modified by Tyberious Wrex to be a true “Elven” weapon. This weapon now confers the benefits of Elven construction and has been reforged in its owners image… After speaking to the “Elder” smith at great length the elder left Tyberious Wrex and told him he could return to the Moon pool for advice when the moon was full…


The history of this sword is a mystery other than it originates within the Elven community. It is highly probable its name hails from the Moon Elf nation Order of the Silver Pearl.

Moon Beam

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