Mira's Necklace

Mira's Necklace


This silver necklace has 4 charms which each seem to yield a benefit according to Mira! However, it seems strange it only has 3 abilities… How odd.. The 1st charm is a key, the 2nd is a shielded heart, the 3rd is a empty heart, and the 4th is cross.

Charmed Silver Necklace – Neck Slot Item

- Spell Resistance (SR-1) – Spell resistance lowers damage from magical spell by (N). It will also reduce time affected by spells by (N) rounds.
- Deflection (1) – Increases AC by (N).
- Armoured (DR-1) – Increases Damage Resistance of your Armour Rating by (N). This is treated as an additional point of armour for wearer for piercing purposes.
- ???


Mira’s Necklace was a gift from her parents to her… Her famliy heirloom. It is a significant treasure to her and whomever dons the necklace feels a protective energy within it… However, whether the power this necklace originates from is belief or actual magic, the necklace’s power remains potent…

Mira's Necklace

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