Mechano Chicken

Metal Chicken


Mechano Chicken Mark-Prototype

The Mechano Chicken stands 3’ high on two bipedal legs with a sharpened steel beak for “pecking”. The construction method makes it walk as if it were a chicken with its head bob and walk. It has wings, but cannot fly and will only flap them if in “attack” mode allowing all, but the most thick headed individuals know the device is hostile!

Cost – 50 (+10/Level)

Tech Level – 0
Max Tech Level – 5
Actions – 1
Battle Actions Available – “Attack”
Attack Bonus – (+0)
Damage – 1D6 Natural Damage
Critical – 20/x2

Special abilities
Level 5 – May upgrade model to a Mechano Cockatrice even without schematics!


The gnomes LOVE chickens though no one knows why… Some even believe crude gnomish societies worshipped large chickens as gods and even have a sacred “Chicken Dance”. It is openly believed that the gnomish god Garl Glittergold has a pet chicken named “A La King” though most modern gnomes are torn on the issue.

However, it cannot be denied this creation was spawned from gnomish tinkering and although much of their engineering is far more advanced, the day this drone is no longer used will be a sad day indeed!

It should also be noted, no self respecting engineer except a gnome would use these things despite the solid mechanics behind them…

Mechano Chicken

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