Little Bite

Gift sword from Adham (Lyne)

weapon (melee)

A chipped and slightly rusting sword (Needs to be reforged by a master smith?!). Though asthetics aside it does radiate a little light in the dark when unsheathed. The sword feels slightly heavier than most of its kind and seems very old. The construction seems to be of human origin though and it is still sharp despite the rust… The tip of the blade seems to have austhetically designed to appear to have a single hook which resmebles a tooth (Hence the name!)

Iron Longsword (1D8-S, (19-20)x2 CRIT, 1 ENC)

- Magic (0) – (Means this weapon may be able to bypass certain creatures DR if they are vulnerable to Magic (N) weapons) The (N) bonus is added to “To Hit” and “Damage” rolls made by a player!
- Light Source – Radiates 10’ Light.
- Tooth – (1) Damage due to the tooth!

- Reforge Benefits – The weapon would be restored to Magic (+1) status.


Little Bite

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