Khopesh of Baltar Academy

Training Khopesh of Baltar Academy

weapon (melee)

These blades are always made to be exactly 3.14 feet in length and are of exacting craftsmanship. These blades have artistic work along the blade showing the Wee Jas symbol and the symbol of Baltar Academy which is where they oiginate from. The design is always exact and would be indistiguishable from any other such blade if the college year stamp was not marked at the hilt of the blade (Yours reads 2045 which would be 44 years ago!).

Electrum Alloy Khopesh {1D6-S/P, CRIT-(19-20)x2, ENC-1, BCR-(6)}

- Electrum Alloy – Specially formed metal that allows one to cast using this sword as a wand or stave.
- Magic (0) – (Means this weapon may be able to bypass certain creatures DR if they are vulnerable to Magic (N) weapons) The (N) bonus is added to “To Hit” and “Damage” rolls made by a player!
- Magical Augmentor (2) – Grants (N) bonus to caster level of any spells he/she should cast.
- Special Class UseWar mages are trained in the use of this sword and may use it at no penalty, any other class may use it at no penalty if they can use a short sword!


Baltar academy has many of these training blades for use for their students, but seldom let a student keep one. Only a vale victorian student is granted one and only one per year may be given. Thusly, such weapons are highly recognized by the magical community as deeds of accomplishment. Though on occassion, a forgery of these weapons is found to exist…

The Baltar Academy formed in the third age has continued to prosper even to this day as a school for “Warmages” and other casters seekeing to better themselves in the evocation schools of magic. Though any mage is welcome to attend (For a price!), only a select few are choosen to become “Warmages”. The fees for attending this school are high and few can afford to attend and fewer still survive the training without scars and serious injuries. For this reason this Wee Jas school of magic is not for the faint of heart and those that graduate often become great mages…

Khopesh of Baltar Academy

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