K-9 Wolf

Wolf Drone Designed For Combat


The K-9 Wolf Mark-Prototype

The K-9 Wolf measures 5.72ft in length and stands 4.3ft high on four legs with a modular design for adaptive combat. The construction method makes it take on aspects of a wolf in combat strategy. It is a capable long distance drone and can battle in close as needed making it a versatile war machine! This particular drone has 3 variants: Type “A” is an armored variant, type “B” is outfitted with dual AK rifles, and Type “C” variant has lightning claws inflicting its damage as lightning…

Cost – 3,000 (+500/Level)

Tech Level – 10
Max Tech Level – 20
Battle Actions Available – “See Below"
Attack Bonus – (10)/(15 with Artillery)
Damage – 1D8+6 Claw(S)/2D6+9 Bite(All) & Poison/2D20+4 “High Tech” Cannon-Requires Bracing!
Critical – 20(x2) for melee attacks/20(x3) for ranged attacks

Special abilities
Tech Level 0 – Choose Variant – “A” – Extra Plates – Do not roll first check for damage, “B” – Dual AK rifles – Mult-shot 6 at (10)1D20+2 and may reroll each attack, or “C” – Lightning Strikes – claws and bite inflict either lightning or physical damage.
Tech Level 1 – “Poison Bite” – Its bite inflicts poison damage (DC=25) Primary – 1D6 Agility damage and Secondary – 1 Agility Damage.
Tech Level 2 – “Leap Attack” – Its first attack during any battle sequence is considered a multi-attack (5) Four claws and one bite.
Tech Level 4 – “Evasive” – Additional combat memory is allocated to its mainframe making it harder to damage – Reroll failed damage check.
Tech Level 5 – “Auto-Brace” – So long as K-9 has not entered melee or fired other guns it may perform “Brace” action as a “Move” action instead of a Full action.
Tech Level 10 – “Versatile” – Another variant may be added to drones arsenal. I.e. the variant could be a “A” & “B”.


Dwarven technology at its finest. The K-9 Wolf is a re-mastered design of found Empirical technology. The dwarves quickly realized its value and worked to reinvent this drone to suit their needs. It is a common and versatile model drone with powerful defenses and offensive strategies.

This drone should never be underestimated. Though it does not possess enough memory allocation to actually effectively use an AI, it is a powerful addition to Dwarf ingenuity and adaption. Though the Dwarves do confess, no working model from the Empirical empire has ever been found and their continued excavations only yield that an Empirical model is a true testament to their overwhelming technological superiority…

K-9 Wolf

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